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Sifiso EdTech RoboDay

Sat Mar 16, 09:00 - Sat Mar 16, 13:00

Future Nation Schools: Fleurhof


Sifiso EdTech RoboDay: A Fun-Filled Robotics and Coding Event for Learners

Sifiso EdTech RoboDay offers an unparalleled, free learning experience for students from Grade R to 9, as well as their teachers, keen on exploring the dynamic worlds of technology, robotics, and computer science. This event stands as a beacon for innovative education, blending hands-on robotics workshops with the excitement of coding challenges to fuel young minds with curiosity and knowledge.

Who Should Join Sifiso EdTech RoboDay?

Designed for learners and educators passionate about the future of technology, Sifiso EdTech RoboDay welcomes participants of all skill levels. From beginners eager to understand the fundamentals of coding to seasoned robotics enthusiasts aiming to showcase their capabilities, our event caters to everyone with an interest in STEM education.

  • Experience Cutting-Edge Robotics and Coding Workshops

Engage with expert-led sessions that offer a deep dive into robotics and coding. At Sifiso EdTech RoboDay, participants will get hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies, ensuring an educational journey that's as entertaining as it is enlightening.

  • Compete, Learn and Win at RoboDay

Challenge yourself and your peers in exciting robotics tournaments and coding competitions. Sifiso EdTech RoboDay is not just about learning; it's about applying that knowledge in competitive scenarios that could see you winning amazing prizes and gaining invaluable experience.

  • Be Inspired by Leaders in Technology

Hear from trailblazers in the tech industry during our guest speaker sessions. Their stories and insights into the world of technology and coding provide a backdrop of inspiration for all attendees, highlighting the vast opportunities awaiting in the fields of robotics and STEM.

  • Connect with Like-minded Peers

RoboDay is more than an event; it's a community. It offers a unique platform for students to meet others with similar interests, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging collaboration on future tech projects.

Limited Spaces Available – Register Now!

With limited slots, early registration for Sifiso EdTech RoboDay is highly recommended to secure your place at this must-attend event for young tech enthusiasts and educators looking to enhance their teaching strategies with innovative STEM education methods.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Journey into Tech

Prepare to be inspired as Sifiso EdTech RoboDay aims to ignite curiosity, enhance learning, and promote teamwork through the thrilling world of robotics and coding. Don't let this incredible chance to step into the future of technology pass you by. Join us at RoboDay and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and growth in the fascinating field of robotics and coding.



Sifiso EdTech RoboDay
Future Nation Schools: Fleurhof
2363 Hyacinth Rd, Fleurhof, Randburg, South Africa
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