Carina Bruwer - Swimming Against the Current

Thu Jul 27, 19:00 - Thu Jul 27, 21:00

Avalon Auditorium


Join Carina Bruwer live in Cape Town, or on live stream, as she delivers her powerful inspirational keynote "Swimming Against the Current" on 27 July at the Avalon Auditorium. The one of a kind presentation is as entertaining as it is poignant and thought-provoking, and audiences walk away with a desire and tools to challenge their own human and professional limits, in pursuit of personal growth, progress and altruism. The hour-long talk will be followed by a Q&A session where live and online audience members can pose questions.

Theatre tickets cost R300, and livestream tickets cost R180. The Avalon Auditorium is located at the Homecoming Centre (previously Fugard Theatre) and secure parking is available. Snacks & beverages will be available to purchase at Café Societi on the premises.

Carina is one of Africa’s most decorated female open water marathon swimmers, an internationally renowned musician, a successful entrepreneur, and a mother of three. Known for boldly going where most do not – in the ocean, as well as in business and life – Carina inspires and motivates followers across the world through her incredible acts of courage, transformation and activism. Her real-life stories require no embellishment: From transforming herself from a Classical musician into a instrumental pop music trailblazer, to brushing with death in pursuit of a childhood dream; from building a sustainable business from the Covid ashes, to marathoning through shark infested waters in support of suffering musicians; and from breaking records and achieving world firsts across the globe, to standing strong against injustice in the face of the threat of losing her own home, Carina lives with conviction.

Through personal analogies, supported by powerful visuals and moments of musical brilliance, she shows with great effect how and why our imagination is our strongest asset (and why accepting the status quo makes us weak), how to mediate with fear in order to manifest the things which seem beyond our capabilities, and how to continually access the strongest version of ourselves to be able to confront life’s adversities and show up in an impactful way.  The audience walks away with new tools to help navigate a life and time where so much seems beyond our control, and to (re)discover their purpose and live in a way that benefits their work, themselves, and their communities.

More about Carina Bruwer

Carina’s extensive ultramarathon swimming resume includes crossing the 36km English Channel, the Gibraltar Straits, False Bay, Nelson Mandela Bay, Walker Bay, Bonifacio Straits, Messina Straits, Triple Country (France – Monaco – Italy), Robben Island and dozens more, with most of her swims being firsts and/or record breaking feats. She is an International Marathon Swimming’s Hall of Fame nominee, and has also ranked as one of the World Open Water Swimming Association’s “Top 50 Most Daring, Courageous and Audacious” open water swimmers in the world. Through her project Swim For Hope, she has raised over R1 million for South African charities, and millions more in media value.

Her music career has been equally trailblazing: striking a delicate balance between precision and rule breaking, she developed a new style of performance which changed the face of instrumental music in SA and beyond, and took her across the world, performing on international stages and with global icons. Following the same formula of innovation, she has founded a number of businesses, all of which have become pillars in their respective industries.

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Carina Bruwer - Swimming Against the Current
Avalon Auditorium
15 M59, District Six, Cape Town, 7925
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