No under 18s


Fri Apr 14, 19:00 - Sat Apr 15, 04:00



Freaks, geeks, queers, goths, weirdos and edgelords rejoice!

If you're reading this, you're probably the kind of person who... didn't have a fun time at their matric dance.... and you've probably thought about what it would've been like, if it was a safe, open-minded space where your weirdness was celebrated and you could rock out all night with your besties to sick music.

Well, here's your chance to have your iconic punk prom moment!

Punk Prom will be hosted in style by AMANDA PRESSED, Cape Town's beardiest drag queen

DISCO DEZ will be warming up the floor with a good mixture of guilty pleasures and straight prom bangers.

Followed by live performances by SISTERS, PETROL STATION PIES and CISTAMATIC

DJs LAZY SUSAN and MIDNIGHT GOSPEL will be dazzling us til the small hours!

So break out your Doc Martens and put on some tulle, this is gonna be a fun one!

We will also be crowning PROM ROYALTY for the three best-dressed punks in the house, as well as running a prom photo booth so that you too can have the cringey prom photos of your dreams.

And obviously, it's at the home of counterculture in Cape Town, the legendary EVOL. We'll be dressing her up a little for the occasion too. So get your corsages ready and start plotting your most snatched counter-prom looks.


Break out your matric dance dress and cover it in safety pins or wear your dad's suit or come naked covered in glitter. We don't care. This is Punk Prom. However you want to interpret the theme is up to you, just remember we will be giving some special prizes to the most iconic looks of the evening <3

So bring your best friends so you can have your Romy and Michele moment, or bring your lover to make out with in the bathrooms, or just come by yourself and meet some radical like-minded people!

There are no rules except the GUIDING PRINCIPLE OF PUNK, which is radical acceptance, kindness and respect for all human beings and a strong intolerance for anyone trying to fuck with that. Anyone, no matter what your gender, race, sexuality, music taste, whatever, is welcome in the punk community.

PUNK PROM is for everybody who wants to be part of it. Just dress up, show up and let's DANCE!


69 Hope St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001
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