Rand Symphony Concert with Susan Mouton (Cello)

Sun Mar 12, 15:30 - Sun Mar 12, 17:30

Trintyhouse Randpark Ridge


We invite you to join us for our Autumn concert featuring cellist Susan Mouton under the baton of Carel Henn.


Brahms Symphony no. 1 and

Dvorák Cello Concerto with soloist Susan Mouton


Date: Sunday, 12 March

Time: 15h30

Place: Trinityhouse Randpark Ridge, 23 Knoppiesdoring Street, Randpark Ridge

Conductor: Carel Henn

Note: This concert has no age limit but please bear in mind that each work is about 45 minutes in duration and might be taxing on our younger audience members.

Our upcoming Youth Concert (June) and Picnic Concert (September) may be a better choice for those attending with young children.


Rand Symphony Concert with Susan Mouton (Cello)
Trintyhouse Randpark Ridge
Trinityhouse Preparatory School, 23 Knoppiesdoring St, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169
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