WEST COAST WOLVES (Seaweed Sundowners) 11 FEB

Sat Feb 11, 17:00 - Sat Feb 11, 19:30

Seaweed Beach (At the Brass Bell)





TIME: 5PM - 7:30/8PM ISH

Come party and dance the blues away with the sensational West Coast Wolves. Take folk-rock, throw in some bluegrass, a banjo & left field percussion and you start to get an idea. CHECK OUT THEIR SPOTIFY HERE

We are taking it back to the beach! Shoes are optional.

About Crows Foot:

Somewhere along the line while messing around on the audio software we overlayed the banjo intro onto the punk strumming, and it just worked perfectly… Pete and Galen looked at each other like it was an epiphany.

The song writing process for this song was quite unique. Galen wanted to make a song that used the ‘well-known’ punk strumming used in various forms by The Offspring, Millencolin & Alexisonfire. He says that after that, the guitar parts for the verse and chorus wrote themselves. Pete then moved to writing a banjo riff and came up with the catchy running intro piece inspired by a lot of bluegrass stuff he’s been devouring recently that immediately became the beginning of the song.


“No single use plastics, I want fuller lips now, click and you collect, can’t wait I need this now” is about the juxtaposition of elements of society that seem to be opposite. There is a much-needed global drive to use less plastic, then people put “plastic” in their lips, but everything is urgent and needed right away. It’s just odd. The lyrics for “Crows Foot” circle round these ideas today which can be summed up as either the necessity for instant gratification and/or other forms of almost hypocrisy.



About the band:

The West Coast Wolves are surfers with strong connections to the Ocean & Kreef Gods of Southern Africa’s diabolical West Coast.

Pack animals by nature, the Wolves draw their inspiration from the WES KUS, nourished by fireside acoustic jam sessions, blazin’ banjo, frosted quarts, icy surf and occasionally howling at the moon when the stars align.


The Wolves ethos ‘music, surf, jol’ is a reflection of the character of the band, who often go against the grain to embrace this lifestyle, and as a result they’ve been building a buzz since they started touring with their upbeat and original West Coast beats. Starting with an acoustic & djembe driven bass, the Wolves throw in a variety of different genres, exploring folk, country and bluegrass. Fuse this together with their rock n' roll, punk rock, reggae roots… throw in some surf-punk & left field percussion then you start to get an idea!


WEST COAST WOLVES (Seaweed Sundowners) 11 FEB
Seaweed Beach (At the Brass Bell)
Kalk Bay, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa
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