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In Reunion creole, La pli i donn is an expression which means 'it's pouring with rain'.

La Pli I Donn builds on the experience and encounters brought about during Cirquons Flex's travels and residencies in India, Madagascar and South Africa during these past two years.
This project subscribes to a desire to examine in depth and open up a dialogue that is endemic to Reunion Island, by developing an intercultural exchange around the diversities of the Indian Ocean region, with a script nourished by the particularities of the circus. The show brings together four acrobats from Reunion Island, Madagascar and South Africa – territories which are close geographically yet each rich in their own influences and characteristics.

La Pli I Donn is a show using various mediums, mixing circus performance, music, sound and visual recordings, multilingual texts and traditional and fusional dances. The show addresses the themes of encounters, exchanges and ecological issues. La Pli I Donn integrates the disciplines of each of its performers. We find the Gumboots dance of South Africa, Fonnke`rs (texts in Reunion creole), aerial and ground based acrobatics, and a representation of a Madagascan funeral ceremony - the 'Famadihana'.
For the stage direction, we called upon Christophe Rulhes of the GdRA, performer, musician and ethnologist who also considers the question of intercultural communication.

Cirquons Flex company,the endemic circus of Reunion island

Cirquons Flex is supported by the Indian Ocean Department of Cultural Affairs (DAC) and the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The company was created in Reunion Island in October 2007, following the meeting of two circus artistes : Virginie Le Flaouter (National Circus School of Montreal, Canada) and Vincent Maillot (self-trained). Together they found an approach, a direction, and progressively built the foundations for an artistic world where music and the merging of various disciplines play important roles. Since 2011 and the creation of its third show Dobout An Bout, the company has embarked on a cycle dedicated to finding and building an artistic language of the circus which is endemic to Reunion Island.


Lizo Jame shares his time between Zip Zap & cirquons flex. WE ARE PROUD TO HOST this contemporary show HIS part of! 
Lizo James, is born in the townships of Cape Town, he becomes a circus performer at the age of 11. As a member of the Zip Zap Circus School, he performs as part of an acrobatic duo in well-known festivals all over the world. Lizo has multiplied disciplines and circus skills since his childhood, and particularly appreciates the relationship that is possible between dance- based and theatrical acrobatics. He sings and plays various percussion instruments (drum, body percussion, Gumboot). Lizo is also the coordinator of a social work community project named 'Ibongulethu', which works with children born with HIV.

Venue: Zip Zap Dome, Cape Town
Event :  Contemporary Show 
time: 6:30PM
Open doors at 6h00


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Zip Zap Circus School Dome
D F Malan St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
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