No under 18s

NOD - the art of motorcycle maintenance.

Thu Jul 20, 18:00 - Thu Jul 20, 21:00

World of Yamaha


Big stories. Nice burgers. Cool bikes.

Welcome to NOD. A storytelling event for the gents.


 This is a calling for the guys: to hit the road and join a laid-back storytelling session, with some other cool guys who’ve done some pretty cool things.

NOD is a debut Room 206 initiative, with loads of horsepower. It’s an event for ordinary South African blokes to get up close and personal with extraordinary South African stories, told by brave South African men. In a motorbike shop! NOD is a chance to hang out amongst the bikes, to listen up, to chow a burger, to lean in, take notes, get involved, get inspired and to 10X your game.

Also, we’ll write a manifesto with you. Nothing crazy, just some mental maintenance - so bring a pen!

What to Expect at NOD:

- Guys only (with a women-led crew)

- Inspired human stories

- Relaxed, informal vibe (suits welcome)

- Very (very) cool motorcycles

- Some life-changing stuff

- A bit of writing – bring a pen

- Manifesto techniques (if you’re up for the challenge)

Meet Our Storytellers:

Daniel Bungay

Some call him the Viking. Most call him a walking metaphor. We call him, the biker’s miracle. Thought leader, and unequivocal storyteller, Daniel Bungay is a beacon for human change. Helping individuals move through stagnating habits; Daniel shifts thought patterns (in the craziest ways) and rewires our thinking in a simple, yet impactful display of real, raw life energy.

Acclaimed for his innovation, philanthropy and drive towards affecting transformation in business, Daniel joins NOD as an intrepid speaker of truth; debunking the stories we tell ourselves, in order to fully ride out the open road. And yes, he built a Viking ship (the only one in Africa to scale!).

Thabang Khatide

Rider, Writer, Model, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, this good gentleman is his own variance of adventure. But none of this, is why he’s showing up for NOD.

Thabang Khatide has a story to tell: a story about betrayal and bravery, about love and legacy but mostly, about the stuff it takes to get back up and live. Hailed as 2022’s runner up Mr South Africa, Thabang is more than just his dapper looks: he’s a bike fanatic, with a dream in his pocket and the pursuit of mental wellness.

Thabang believes in the purposed ride, the sacrificial ride, the ride for emotional freedom. Knowing all too well the journey a man takes against his legion of demons, Thabang believes that while we ride the hills alone, we are always being carried on the backs of our trusted few. NOD welcomes Thabang Khatide as a man of all men, with resilience in his saddlebag, and one heck of a story to tell.

Natasha Fracchiolla

Writer, Storyteller, Thought Leader and Founder of Room 206, Natasha stands beat with the honourable men of NOD, inviting us into a reflective space of human connection. With a decade of experience as a business leader, and writing coach, Natasha is hellbent on the power of the written word. Through her own personal journey of resistance and rise, Natasha advocates for mental wellness through the curation and facilitation of communication workshops for businesses, and for individuals wanting to show up better, do better and feel a whole lot more.

Natasha transcends the boardroom narrative into the human story; helping individuals dig into the marrow of their own potential and purpose through the power of manifesto writing: a technique to unravel the truest expression of ourselves. With her dynamic team of fire-starters, Natasha prefers to take the scenic route to mental freedom with pen, art, soul - and some good ‘ol rock ‘n roll. This July, she’s inviting you along for the ride.


Thursday, 20 July 2023


6 pm – 9 pm


World of Yamaha (The Motorbike Shop) 19 Eastern Service Rd, Kelvin, Sandton

Dress Code:

After-Work Vibes


R 890 per person - Catering included. Your bike purchase is not :)

Book your spot at NOD. Nothing crazy, just something cool to do on a Thursday night, for the boys!



In purchasing a ticket to the NOD event, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions, and any additional rules that may apply on the day of the event, or that may be introduced by Room 206 and Yamaha South Africa to regulate the smooth running of the NOD event.

  1. A ticket for the NOD event costs R 890 per person incl. vat
  2. The age group for the NOD event is strictly limited to men 18 years +
  3. Only one person is allowed to attend per ticket purchased. No ticket - no entry.
  4. Should you engage in offensive behaviour or commentary during the NOD event, Room 206 and Yamaha reserve the right to ask you to leave the event immediately and forfeit your ticket.
  5. Should Room 206 for whatever reason not be able to host the event on the day due to circumstances beyond their control the event will be moved to the next available date.  
  6. Your personal information is collected by Room 206 and Yamaha for purposes of the event and you agree that we may add you to our mailing database.
  7. Should you no longer be able to attend the event 10 days' notice is required in order to qualify for a refund on your ticket. Your ticket will be refunded to you once Quicket has refunded Room 206 (up to one week from the date of the event)
  8. Any refund of a ticket price will exclude the Quicket booking fee of R 5
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