#TechTalkCPT: CRISPR Gene Editing...The Future Is Now

Wed Sep 7, 18:00 - Wed Sep 7, 20:00
September's #TechTalkCPT looks at the hype and hope behind genome engineering.

In the past few years, the landscape of molecular biology has been rocked by the discovery of a novel tool to genetically modify our genomic DNA with unprecedented ease. Though genome engineering has been around for some time, the development of CRISPR technology has propelled genome engineering to the forefront of molecular biology and into the willing hands of almost any laboratory scientist in the world. In addition to its almost boundless uses as a molecular tool in the laboratory, one can envisage correcting mutated genes for several, until now, incurable diseases. However, such advances often come with ethical and moral dilemmas. Scientists face the challenge of balancing the expectations of patient advocate groups with public concerns of ‘rogue’ researchers. Great power it would seem, really does come with great responsibility.  ?

Our Speaker, Dr 
Janine Scholefield, has come JHB to share her expertise at this this month's #TechTalkCPT. 

#TechTalk is an event that brings you the bleeding edge of technology and innovation as presented by a specialist in the chosen topic. The topics are made relevant and accessible to an everyday person in their everyday life. All events are accompanied by drinks and networking, making otherwise daunting topics fun and attainable. 
After completing her PhD in Human Genetics at the University of Cape Town, Dr Scholefield took up a Nuffield Medical Fellowship at the University of Oxford. It was here that she developed her passion for generating cellular models of disease using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Upon returning to South Africa she joined the Mhlanga Lab of Gene Expression and Biophysics at the CSIR (now expanded to the Division of Chemical Systems and Synthetic Biology at UCT), and became the first person to generate iPSCs in Africa. She is currently using genome engineering as a tool to better understand gene expression. In addition to her Senior Researcher position in the Mhlanga Lab, she holds an Honorary Lecturer position in the Department of Human Biology at UCT. 


#TechTalkCPT: CRISPR Gene Editing...The Future Is Now
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