Family friendly

@thisisin__ FAN Conference

Thu Nov 3, 14:00 - Thu Nov 3, 17:00

Event is online


Do you work in a field that is reliant on winning the hearts of the people to garner their support? 

Are you in branding and marketing looking to connect more meaningfully with your audience or attract a new one?

Are you an artist, influencer or musician working on growing your fanbase?

This quick conference will offer you invaluable insight into how it's done, from those who’ve done it.

The 2 hour livestream includes interactive talks with experts, revealing their points of view and experiences in how to successfully grow a fanbase either from scratch as a fledgling entrepreneurial business or through adaptation and evolution as brand needing to rediscover relevance with a new audience. 

Our global experts from the industries of sport, music, entertainment, entrepreneurship, sponsorship, retail and brand, they will show you how to create and continually grow a strong following of adorers, advocates, stans and FANS.


Brett Rogers - HYH - welcome and introduction

Lauren Dallas - Future Females - Purpose creating community and advocacy from within.

Ben Milhench - Treble - UK Global Sports sponsorship

Angelique Kuiper - Resonance Intl Creating impactful brand and talent partnerships 

Mbali Ndhlovu - Brand Consultant, Network Specialist and Cultural Analyst

Ryan MacFadyen - HYH  Turning fans into community. 

Martín Dueñas - LaLigaTech

Paul Machin - Redmentv - Respect the fanbase

Ninel Lara Musson - Vth Season -