How to identify your Authentic Self and recover the success path of your soul

Sat Feb 4, 08:15 - Sat Feb 4, 13:00

Delectus Manor. Montana Park. pretoria.





It is the dawning of the new season of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity for all.



The interest in authenticity and the authentic self has grown over the last decade. The topic of authentic leadership has also become part of the mainstream leadership training profession. Unfortunately, very few understand what authenticity, authentic living, and authentic leadership are all about. So, many bluff their way by creating new theories and philosophies without a solid foundation.


The dilemma

This means that the market is being inundated with half-truths, untruths, misinformation, and blatant lies about authentic living and leading. Uninformed people are starting to use ‘authenticity’ as a part of a new business venture, a career topic, or to gain social and business acceptance. We find erroneous references to ‘authenticity’ as ‘becoming vulnerable’ and an ‘authentic leader’ as someone with a ‘value system on steroids’.


Delusional perspectives

These misguided contributions are part of the delusional perspective coming from the shadow ego-self that inevitably leads to self-destruction. Unfortunately, most of this information taints the subject of authenticity, the authentic self, and authentic leadership, while leaving people confused and even lost.

The time has come to ask the question, what is the truth about authenticity and especially authentic leadership? Why has authenticity now become so important?


The importance of authenticity

The truth is that we are entering a new era, the Golden Era or the New Earth. Authenticity, including the authentic self, forms the cornerstone of this exciting new season in human history. Authenticity is a powerful force that will fast-forward our progress across time and space.

The time has come to take the leap into this new era of authentic living and leading. The outcome of all efforts and investments holds the promise of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all, including our planet.

This is the era teachers and prophets of old have told us about. It is time – it is here. 


Some will move forward - others will stay behind

Those who are prepared to change and do the transformational work within the self, or within their relationships, families, communities, businesses, religions, and governments, will move forward and higher to this new era where everyone flourishes.

Those who refuse to change or neglect to do this work will stay behind – guaranteed.

This workshop promises to answer some of the most important questions of this cutting-edge time in our history. 


Answers to our questions

In this workshop, we will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the New Earth aka the Golden Era we are now entering?
  • Change and transformation - why us and why now?
  • What is authenticity?
  • Who am I? What is my purpose and meaning in life?
  • What is the authentic self, and where does it come from?
  • Where is the authentic self going? Why?
  • What does our DNA have to do with authenticity?
  • Who and what is the shadow ego-self?
  • Where does the shadow ego-self come from, where is it going and why?
  • What is the real meaning of our challenges, problems, pain, and suffering?
  • What is my DNA success blueprint and how do I recover it?
  • Who is my soul and how do I recover the success path of my soul?
  • Who is an ‘authentic leader’ and why do we need authentic leaders - now?
  • How do we develop new authentic leaders?
  • How do I implement this ground-breaking information in my life?
  • How do I use this information to better my relationships, community, job, business, company, organisation, religion, or government?
  • How do we co-create a new season of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity for all?
  • What role does religion play in this spiritual journey?
  • What do I do next?


The aim of this presentation.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Understand the changes currently taking place down to a DNA level.
  • Lay a new foundation and create a new mindset for authentic living and leading.
  • To meet your authentic self and identify your shadow ego-self.
  • Decide what part of the self will win the inner battle and know what the outcome will be.
  • Create and develop a new mindset and heart-set towards the Creator, towards self, others, and the life you are currently living.
  • Open your mind and create a big picture of where we come from, how we got here, where we are going, and our purpose on Earth.
  • Learn about the journey of the soul through The Adventures of Ray.
  • Develop the vision of a new season of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity for all.
  • Transform your old outworn patterns into new vibrant adventures.
  • Transcend the boundaries placed on us or we have created for ourselves by setting the self free.
  • Understand the power and support of higher dimensions in our everyday life – including our work, relationships, community, etc…
  • Recover and utilize our original DNA success blueprint.
  • Develop new skills and tools to fast-forward our progress on our new path of authenticity.
  • Open the path to a deeper understanding of the Creator, the Universe, spirituality, power, wisdom, truth, religion, success, failure, and happiness.
  • Develop a map for the new season of your life, relationship, work, etc…
  • Meet new like-minded friends to support your journey
  • Have fun!


Who should attend?

If this information resonates with you, or you are just curious about this new mindset, then this workshop is for you. This includes people who are tired of the struggle and are ready to make a shift by claiming their authentic DNA success blueprint.

You should attend if you are committed to a flourishing future for yourself, your loved ones, colleagues, business, staff members, company, organization, congregation, and even your country.  


The presenter 

Dr. Brenda Hattingh

Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international speaker, qualified psychologist, business and leadership coach, counselor, and author. She is also the director of the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading.


Her academic background includes a B.Sc. degree in medical science, an Honours degree in Education, a Masters degree in adult development, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has also received various awards for her ground-breaking work, including the Professional Businesswoman of the Year Award.


However, it was her personal journey of recovery after an accident that left her paralyzed, that all her academic, personal, and spiritual information opened a new path of self-discovery, healing, success, leadership, how to reinvent yourself and redesign a quality life. Brenda found that we all have the ability to recover our authentic self, encoded as our original DNA success blueprint and live a life of health, wealth, happiness, and success, irrespective of circumstances. This ground-breaking information is a global first.


Brenda now shares this powerful information with all who are committed to growth, development, and a flourishing future through her books, workshops, in-house training, coaching, and as an inspirational speaker.

Workshop info: 

Date: Saturday 04 Feb 2023

Time: 08h15 – 13h00

Venue: Delectus Manor. Montana Park. Pretoria. South Africa.

Investment: R 430 p/p

For your investment you receive:

  • Coffee, tea, and snacks upon arrival.
  • Your personal file with workbook and notes.
  • Interactive presentation.
  • Midmorning tea. Coffee, and snacks.
  • Free E-book. The authentic self. Who am I?
  • Free access to Daily Power Tools for Power People.


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How to identify your Authentic Self and recover the success path of your soul
Delectus Manor. Montana Park. pretoria.
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