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District Six Museum & Koesister Magazine Expo & Market

Sat Sep 24, 10:00 - Sat Sep 24, 16:00

District Six Museum Homecoming Centre



Come and celebrate International Heritage Day at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre, on Saturday, 24th September 2022, from 10h00 to 16h00.  District Six Museum, in partnership with Koe’sister Magazine brings you an exciting Expo & Market that is to be held monthly at the District Six Museum Homecoming Centre, on the last Saturday of every month.



Koe’sister is a legacy brand of great storytelling about food, passed down from generation to generation. It draws in audiences from local, national and international (ex-patriots) who are nostalgic about their heritage and memories of growing up in South Africa, who support the Koe’sister brand.

The legacy which we want to leave is that ‘Komvandaan’ is about people - for the people by the people – where food and the Koe’sister brand unites everyone across all cultures. People are recognised and featured irrespective of their celebrity status. The legacy is ultimately creating a platform for entrepreneurship.



The community spirit in and around the District Six Museum is strong. The Home Coming Centre involves a community of people / the public in participating in activities in music, literature and art. District Six is about dignity, identity and co-existence of different races. The issue of human rights is key to the establishment of democracy in South Africa. The District Six Museum is a living memorial to the devastation that was wreaked on the people of District Six and the denial of their very basic human rights. The Museum advances the notion that such behaviour is unacceptable. It also focuses on the ideals that establishes democracy in South Africa and for which they continue to strive.

Source: District Six Museum ‘Looking back on 25 years’


District Six Museum and Koe’sister Magazine has a common goal to assist in re-building our economy and community in a meaningful way, true to our mutual ethos of community upliftment,especially after a gruelling two years of Covid.


Launched during the Covid-19 Lockdown period, September 2020, Koe’sister is now in its second year of publishing. What started as a call for family recipes, turned into a platform where people shared their heritage stories behind each recipe.  The stories emulated pride, memories of a time long, long ago.  Some filled with pain, others with joy.  The idea to publish a magazine was realized and accepted by the story-tellers who compiling their submissions and their stories formed the essence of the content, and the recipes followed.

When shared with family and friends, food transcends beyond its textbook definition. Smells, flavours and preparation are connected to family history -passed down from one generation to the next through storytelling. Across social statuses and racial lines, every family has a recipe (or two) that they cherish. Family recipes tell a story. They connect you to people or places… or memories.


The event is Business to Consumer where those trading have an opportunity to interact and connect with our readers and patrons in a meaningful, engaging way, and thereby enlarge their brand and territory. 


Entry is R45 per person and registration is online via Quicket. All visitors must register online for tickets and tickets are limited.


For more information to exhibit or visit our Expo & Market, please email [email protected]


There will be food and drinks available for purchase, sit-down areas, and entertainment. Browse the variety of vendor stands showcasing arts & crafts, beauty & fashion, home & lifestyle. Buy and support local!


District Six Museum & Koesister Magazine Expo & Market
District Six Museum Homecoming Centre
15 M59, District Six, Cape Town, 7925
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