0xcon 2023

Sat Nov 4, 08:00 - Sat Nov 4, 17:00

MTN Innovation Center


0xcon is a community organized cyber security event and is aimed at bringing together the local cyber security community to share knowledge and to network with like minded individuals. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned expert, we would love to welcome you to our conference.

The conference covers a wide array of topics including cyber security best practices, threat intelligence, IOT security, ransomware, incident response, cloud security, data privacy, application security, penetration testing, coordinated inauthentic behavior and disinformation.

Tickets have been free until this year, however, we found that many people would book tickets and not show up on the day, and as we only have so many seats, this would prevent others that would have come from booking. By charging a minimal fee, we hope to overcome this challenge. The money we make will go to covering costs for the event, such as lunch and speaker gifts.

You can view the program on our website: https://0xcon.co.za/#schedule

Note that you need to provide identification (Drivers License, ID Card or Passport) and a Covid-19 vaccination certificate in order to gain access to the venue.

Program of the event:

09:00 - Welcome by 0xcon Team

09:05 - Keynote - Leon Jacobs

09:50 - 2023 Year in Review: Threads of nation-state dystopia - Jared Naude

10:35 - ed2root - how ancient IPC mechanisms can help you today - Connor du Plooy

11:05 - Let the Children play - Leveraging AD CS for persistence and profit in Parent-Child configured forests. - Tinus Green

11:50 - Noooooooooo touch! - Michael Rodger

13:15 - This Wide World of Consent - Jonathon Everatt

14:00 - Hacking for Humanity - Matthew Hughes

14:45 - The cyber-pirate's guide to C2 development - Gerhard Botha

15:45 - GIT your secrets? - Isak van der Walt

16:30 - The Great China Firewall - Tayla Sellschop


0xcon 2023
MTN Innovation Center
216 14th Ave, Fairland, Randburg, 2030
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