Meet The Brewers - The Grass Roots Edition

Wed Aug 24, 19:00 - Wed Aug 24, 21:00
Beerhouse on Long Street


Meet The Brewers returns in August with 'The Grass Roots Edition'  featuring up and coming brewers who have come from home brewing back grounds and now have gone commercial. The strength of our growing industry is based on these grass root brewers. Passion and hardwork are what leads to good beer and these guys have it in abundance. The foot soldiers in our great revoulution will share thier unique stories and brands all paired with food by Roy MacAskill. Five beers, Five passionate brewers, Five stories and five food pairings. 


Meet The Brewers - The Grass Roots Edition
Beerhouse on Long Street
223 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa
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