#TechTalkCPT: the wonders of Renewable Energy

Wed Jul 6, 18:00 - Wed Jul 6, 20:30
July's #TechTalkCPT looks in depth at Renewable Energy. Our two speakers, Jack Radmore and Maloba Tshehla  from GreenCape will be telling us all about is how they generate energy from resources which are naturally replenished and how they are using it to change the world, specifcally in informal settlements. 

#TechTalkCPT happens one evening every month, where we bring you the bleeding edge of technology, science and innovation as presented by specialists within a field, accompanied by drinks and networking.
GreenCape is a sector development agency that supports businesses operating within the green economy in the Western Cape. Their aim is to help unlock the investment and employment potential of green business, technologies and manufacturing. This, in turn, contributes to improving the resource efficiency, carbon intensity and resilience of the regional economy.

They are a not-for-profit organisation established in 2010 by the Western Cape Government as a Special Purpose Vehicle to support the development of the green economy in the region.

What is their vision?
Their vision is for the Western Cape to be the green economy hub for Sub-Saharan Africa – the regional headquarters and manufacturing centre for leading companies in this space.

What do they do? 
They support faster growth of the green economy by helping viable green businesses remove barriers to their establishment and growth. To do this, they work closely with their partners in government, the private sector and academic community.

The green economy is new and fast moving and business opportunities may be constrained by issues such as legislation and policy, a lack of credible information, limited market awareness and demand, business finance and skills. GreenCape’s team of sector experts make it their business to fully understand these shifting dynamics so they can provide useful and relevant support to existing and potential green businesses.

GreenCape's business support activities are wide-ranging, and include:
  • helping potential investors understand the local market, connect with the right people and encounter fewer barriers to doing business
  • providing policy and regulatory advocacy and support
  • facilitating access to funding
  • facilitating market access
  • establishing skills development partnerships
  • networking and information-sharing events
  • sharing our expert knowledge through publications
In Khanyiselo’s opinion the electric vehicle market will play a key role in the future of a sustainable South Africa.

In 2015 Khanyiselo joined GreenCape and worked on the smart electricity project. Her work focused on efforts to create an enabling environment for rooftop PV and other small scale embedded generation technologies in the Western Cape.

In the 2016, as a Green Energy Analyst, she assisted GreenCape to begin to explore the transport sector of the green economy. Khanyiselo now works as lead of the green transport sector desk as a Green Transport Expert supporting the development of the nascent electric vehicle market in the Western Cape and South Africa.

Khanyiselo Kumalo has a background in Environmental Management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After working within the Sustainable Transport Planning Unit at the City of Cape Town, she went on to pursue her Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Management. It was there that she discovered her passion for the transport sector and the notion of environmental sustainability
In Maloba’s opinion, GreenCape is all that and a bundle of free Wi-Fi!

Maloba joined GreenCape in July 2013 where he worked on the Smart Grids project, developing business cases for the uptake of smart grid technologies in municipalities. He later moved to the Renewable energy sector desk, where he is responsible for industry liaison with all stakeholders in the utility scale renewable energy as well as embedded generation markets.

Maloba G Tshehla has a background in chemical engineering, after which he pursued a Master’s in Sustainable Development with a focus on the uptake of renewable energy at the local municipality level. His passion is in the uptake of renewables at the small scale level, to see the improvement of rural communities’ quality of life.

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#TechTalkCPT: the wonders of Renewable Energy
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