BigFive Summit 2023

Tue Mar 14, 12:00 - Thu Mar 16, 16:00
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel


"Africa's Leading Small Business Technology Event"

The BigFive Summit is a unique event in Africa. It focuses on bringing together the companies that help transform the small business digital ecosystem. From the developers who build the digital solutions for SMMEs to the agencies, banks, telecoms, SaaS platforms, and media organizations who own the small business customers relationship, to the investors who help fuel the innovation. And finally, to the small businesses themselves who vote with their wallets on which tools help them grow their businesses. And which do not.

What draws companies to the BigFive Summit is the opportunity to learn about the state of the art in SMME digital transformation. And to form the partnerships that help Africa's SMMEs digitally transform, and help their businesses succeed in the process.

The digital transformation of African SMEs takes place across every aspect of the enterprise. This includes customer acquisition, engagement, and retention; invoicing and payments; logistics and inventory management; human resource management; location management; cybersecurity and data protection; and much more. 

The BigFive Summit offers a combination of thought-leading interactive headline talks, executive interviews, and panel discussions, plus lively networking events where delegates can engage and build relationships.

BigFive Summit Event Outline

Tuesday 14th March 2023

Workshop and offsite social events. Locations to be announced.

Wednesday 15th March 2023

Full day conference programme at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

Thursday 16th March 2023

Full day conference programme at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

BigFive Summit Sample Session Topics

What is the current state of digital marketing best practices for African SMEs?

What is the optimal digital presence for African SMEs?

How should African SMEs leverage social media for optimal impact?

What tools can help African SMEs collect digital and online payments?

What tools can SMEs use to manage their financial operations for greater visibility and efficiency?

How can African SMEs begin to leverage emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, & blockchain/web3/NFTs?

What are the best practices for acquiring small business customers? (direct sales, product-led growth, marketplaces, reseller partnerships, etc.)

How can organizations best help to digitally upskill SMEs so they are able to adopt new technologies effectively?

What is the current environment for funding startups focused on solving pain points for African SMEs?

What are some best practices for creating successful partnerships to take products to market in the SME space?

Market Sectors Relevant to the BigFive Summit

Adtech & martech platforms 

Social media management platforms

Fintech platforms

Foodtech platforms 

eCommerce platforms

Location management platforms

FMCG marketplaces

Digital agencies



Media companies 

VC & PE firms

SME-focused SaaS cos. 

SME-focused blockchains


Website builders

Hosting companies


Additional information

Age restriction No under 13s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


BigFive Summit 2023
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel
100 Beach Rd, Granger Bay, Cape Town, 8001
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