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Sat Sep 10, 08:00 - Sat Sep 10, 16:00

Fort Nottingham Village south of Nottingham Road, KZN Midlands


Vision for the Gathering: To plan, organise and host an annual full-scale highland gathering at Fort Nottingham that will incorporate the typical cultural, highland sporting and musical events as found at similar gatherings worldwide and ensuring a successful fun and engaging experience for the sponsors, participants, stall-holders and public, which in the years ahead, will ensure its future as a regular event in the Midlands Calander.

The objective of the gathering is to deliver a fun and rewarding event, acknowledging the aspirations for a wide variety of stakeholders, from the FNHG as hosts, and those financially invested in the gathering including the sponsors, exhibitors, stall holders, merchandisers and field participants and the attending public at who the gathering experience is aimed.

A further objective of the FNHG committee as host and organiser is to establish an annual event for contribute to regional business needs in a post Covid environment, including building a brand presence and loyalty, strengthening relationships, and increasing awareness of the businesses and artists on the Midlands Meander route.

In addition to highland athletics and pipe bands as attractions, the setting up of different event areas such as tea garden, VIP and sponsors tents, there will be places to meet socially, food and beverage areas, stalls for increasing knowledge and learning, environmental awareness, and trade show spaces for merchandisers.


Fort Nottingham Village south of Nottingham Road, KZN Midlands
Fort Nottingham
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