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Thu Aug 11, 19:00 - Thu Aug 25, 20:30

Yoga / Body Fit Sanctuary @Suikerbossie


Why Sound Bath?

Creation is literally vibration. When we experience challenges physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we are out of balance with natural resonance, the frequency at which everything and everyone vibrates harmoniously. Using specific instruments and techniques, a Sound Bath rebalances and quickly immerses us into a theta state where healing, rejuvenation, and transformation is possible, with the added benefit of raising our consciousness. Chris uses 30 instruments, including gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, Monolina, flat drum, Koshi chimes, rain stick, shakers, clay flutes, and some unexpected natural instruments that produce calming energies.

 Sound Baths have the following positive effects

• Improves sleep

• Helps heal the body

• Calms body and mind

• Helps with depression

• Elevates feelings of well-being

• Access to higher consciousness

• Boosts mood and reduces anger

• Reduces stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue

What They Experienced

"I saw roaring oceans, walked through jungles, and stood on a mountain top feeling very strong. Today I am chilled and mellow. Bliss." Elke

"My shoulder was aching from an injury. After the Sound Bath with Chris the pain was gone and I could move my shoulder freely. Amazing." Paul

"Chris' Sound Baths are deeply restorative and relaxing, offered with such love and caring. He works with intuition and so much integrity. A magical gift." Tania

"I am truly vibrating on another level. Can't wait for the next Sound Bath." Janine

About Chris

Chris holds a Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing, and is a member of and insured through the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT). He facilitates individual sound healing sessions and group sound baths for private groups, companies, and organizations. In addition to his work as a Sound Healing Practitioner, Chris is also a counsellor, award winning filmmaker, author, and has owned and managed nine companies. His passion for Sound Healing and music has become his primary focus.

What to bring

• Yoga Mat (let Chris know if you don't have one at @chrisroland)

• Pillow (and a cushion for under your knees if that is more comfortable for you)

• Eye covering (a sock or washcloth are good alternatives)

• A covering for your body (and warm if you tend to get chilly)

• Bottle of water


Yoga / Body Fit Sanctuary @Suikerbossie
1 Victoria Dr, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806
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