Business Maverick After Hours

Wed Jul 27, 17:00 - Wed Jul 27, 20:00

The Homecoming Centre (previously The Fugard)



Host: Business Maverick journalist Ray Mahlaka

Panelists: Iraj Abedian, economist and founder and Chief Executive of Pan-African Investment and Research Services and Nazmeera Moola, Chief Sustainability Office at Ninety One.

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South Africa is at a difficult economic and political crossroads. The cost of living crisis has been worsened by rising consumer inflation, interest rates, and unrelenting increases in petrol prices. Rolling blackouts are worsening and wiping out any chances of a strong economic rebound post the hard Covid lockdown. Policymakers are dithering on renewable energy and new electricity generation. The Zondo Commission has laid bare the sophisticated corruption that happened during the State Capture years. State failure is pervasive and felt every day by citizens. Calls are growing for urgent electoral reforms that empower citizens to elect capable and ethical leaders. The governing ANC has a defining leadership election set for December.

Yet, in the same breath, there are talks of a possible economic recession in developed nations such as the US and UK, caused by rising international oil prices and generally slowing economic activity.

These daunting challenges can make it difficult for investors to find investment opportunities in South Africa or generate decent and stable returns. 

Are there any green shoots regarding the South Africa story? What is working in the country and what isn’t? How do we fix all the problems so that South Africa doesn’t cascade into a failed state level?

These questions will be answered by industry experts Ray Mahlaka, Iraj Abedian and Nazmeera Moola during the inaugural Business Maverick After Hours live event.

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