To book a ticket for Learning Man, you need to be a member of the Community Exchange System. Please have your Exchange number handy. See info below

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The Event

Thanks for deciding to come to Learning Man !
A co-created Village for a week at the Circle of Dreams, living on the land, off the grid, sharing knowledge, making music, building community, spreading the love.

Please read the "LEARNING MANual" so you know what the ethos is, what to expect and what is expected, how to participate, what to bring etc.

1. You must be a member of the Talent Exchange:

  • No money to be used at the event - you can either use the Talent Exchange or gift or swop, but no money please !
  • Sign up if you are not already a member. It's quick and easy and free and is a great tool for being able to trade without money before, during and after the festival. Go to (if you live in Cape Town) or (Regional /International) and Sign up.
  • You will be asked what your offering could be. This does NOT have to be the same as the offering you bring to the event, just some way you can offer a service to the greater community in order to earn Talents.  It can even be the sale of something you own. (You dont have to have a talent.) You will receive an number within 24 hours, which you must enter when you buy your ticket above.
  • There are many exchanges all over the world, so join the one closest to the where you live. All exchanges can trade freely with each other.
2.  Decide if you'd like to buy Pre-paid meals and how many.
  • It's essentially a self catering affair but we are having a central kitchen run by a fantastic couple Caron and Mark Russ who specialise in delicious vegan food. Because it's a no money event, we are preselling food vouchers for R50 per meal so they can stock up with ingredients and have meals available each day.  When you arrive you will get food tickets equal to the number of vouchers you have paid for and you can redeem them at the Conscious Kitchen.
    Note: Quicket fee is no more than R10  as commission for your total payment.(not R5 per item)



  • A campsite for 8 nights in a beautiful shady setting next to your car with protected fires allowed
  • Fresh abundant delicious mountain drinking water
  • Toilets and hot showers (using off-grid power)
  • Hills, forests and rivers to explore, walks and cycle tracks
  • An opportunity to share your skills, goods and services
  • Stall space in the village
  • Live music stage, drumming circles, and dancefloor 
  • A children’s area with educational and fun activities
  • Areas to hold talks, workshops, yoga, debates, healing, anything you would like to offer needing a space
  • Access to talks, documentaries, workshops, demonstrations, art, crafts, entertainment being offered by participants, ( for which we reward each other for value received using the Talent Exchange - Not money) Over 150 activities are available, some gifted, some by donation in Talents - see website for growing list.
  • An unforgettable New Year celebration with the Clan.


  • The price is the same whether you attend for the whole week or for one day.
  • Conscious camping and contributionism is key
    –  leave no trace, offer help where needed, do no harm, random acts of kindness, that kind of thing :)
  • Read the Learning Manual on the website for details of what to bring, etc.
  • Let us know what you plan to offer so we can promote it to The Clan on the website and the Facebook event page.


The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Although due care has been taken to make this event as safe and secure as possible, participation at event is entirely at your own risk.


Thanks for your participation, your open heart and mind, your honesty and understanding, your respect for others and the environment
See you at the Circle of Dreams !

When and where?

Circle of Dreams
South Africa

Mon 26 Dec 2016 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Tue 03 Jan 2017 at 11:00 AM (SAST)

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