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Project 01# Through a child's eyes

My name is Poppit, well that is what my mommy calls me, at the age of 3 now 4 I was hurt by hands that should have loved me (family), my mom is currently busy with the fight to keep me safe, she also says that being tiny (LITERALLY and FIGURATIVELY) is the new BRAVE. This whole thing has scared me, but my mom tells me I did nothing wrong.

I am the mom of a 4-year-old who is left traumatized due to events that transpired in 2021, due to the nature of the criminal trial and the current status thereof I cannot disclose all the details however the accused in this matter is direct family members, YES more than 1 relative related to has been implicated, we need to ensure justice in her case.

The immediate need to pay for a report done by a forensic specialist to get the focus we need to ensure they are kept responsible, however not limited to also the lawyers, and the fees are just too much to sustain, the current situation has left us in ruins not only emotionally but financially under serious pressure.

Please donate to this cause, we thank you in advance.

" Jesus lights up the night with a billion stars, the God who stays, walk by faith and not by sight" ~ Tiny Poppit Projects

My mommy said that my story will inspire kids and poppets like me to speak up even if it is with a #tinyvoice and now my mom is determined to be an activist against child abuse.


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