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Orphean Passage LIVE at The Daisy Jones

Sat Jul 30, 17:00 - Sat Jul 30, 23:45

The Daisy Jones, Summerhill Wines, R44, Stellenbosch


Orphean Passage, Dredge The Lethe and Doom Trigger will take to the stage on 30 July, The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG . Come and enjoy a variety of metal soundscapes at the Orphean Passage Debut Concert. From Hardcore, Doom Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal and more!

Venue: The Daisy Jones Bar on Saturday, 30th July 2022.

Doors open 5pm

Show starts 8pm

Tickets: R70 online or R100 at the door.

Delicious food and drinks available at the venue.

Seating on a first come first served basis.

Use the WAZE mapping app to guide you to the venue.


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Orphean Passage:

Orphean Passage is a six-piece doom metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Combining decades of experience with youthful clarity, Orphean Passage reflects on the fragility of memory, while weaving tapestries of melancholy. A deep romantism embraces the band's soundscape, providing a sense of hope to those otherwise crushed beneath waves of anguish.

While the influences of 90s UK death-doom bands are clear, fans of dreamy ‘post’ soundscapes or the funerial somberness found in more contemporary doom metal, are all likely to find enjoyment in what Orphean Passage has to offer.

Orphean - from ‘Orpheus’; Passage – ‘process of passing from one place to another’; this tragic gothic sensibility is not only intertwined in every note and word, but also the band's own history. This labour of love began in 2012, 10 years to the posting of this article. Orphean Passage overcame member changes, devastating losses, and psychological trauma, choosing to channel these energies into something contemplative and expressive.

Dredge The Lethe:

Dredge the Lethe are a symphonic black metal band which emerged out of the dread of lockdown. Located in the Cape of Storms, Dredge The Lethe have sent forward wave after wave of material. In this regard we highly recommend you check out their YouTube channel linked below. You will find a score of songs freely available for your listening pleasure; contrary to their name however, you certainly won't forget Dredge The Lethe once you've drunk from their river.



Hot off their first live performance DOOMTRIGGER have begun their musical journey with speed and force. If you are fan of heavy melodic riffs, unbridled aggression combined with powerful vocals, DOOMTRIGGER is for you! Don’t believe me? Just check out this snippet from their recent show

We also recommend you check out their Spotify and other music platforms. DOOMTRIGGER’s debut ep "ENTER THE COSMIC" is out now !

Album Link:


Orphean Passage LIVE at The Daisy Jones
The Daisy Jones, Summerhill Wines, R44, Stellenbosch
33°52'57. 18°50'49, 6 8th Ave, Stellenbosch, 7615
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