Lunch and Learn @ B-Advisory -'Leadership Lesson- Leave no one behind!

Fri Jul 8, 13:00 - Fri Jul 8, 13:30


Are you great at what you do? So good, that you struggle to trust others and your team

to do the job as good as you?

• Do you delegate easily, or do you tend to do most of the work yourself?

• Is most of your business in your head, or do you train your team to problem solve and deal with change?

We are not all fighter pilots, from an elite school, training for a very dangerous mission …..........................

But many leaders became the leader by default when starting their business or being the best in their job. Leadership is a choice. Its not just a position.

Maverick in Top Gun had to learn various leadership and teamwork lessons, to allow himself to get out the way for his team to shine. And to bring them home safely.

You as a leader in business have been given certain levels of authority with your team, do you want them to fear you, or trust you and know that you have their best intentions for the common goal?

In a previous: Lunch and Learn Yoke van Dam discussed ways to Retain your star performers while building a remarkable team.

Join us at B-Advisory’s Lunch & Learn on 8 July at 1pm, Yoke undertake conversations will unpack Leadership lessons from Top Gun- leave no one behind.

Yoke van Dam found Y-Connect to create meaningful workspaces for leaders and teams, by helping businesses uncover their purpose and allowing teams to see how they fit into the picture. She does this by building their confidence, cultivating a growth mindset, growing their ability to influence and find their flow as a team. This is done through planning, self-actualization, problem solving, emotional intelligence, motivation, negotiation, communication and time-management.

Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is an informational program hosted by B-Advisory, a Chartered Accounting firm, whose objective is to unravel world-class solutions and strategies that assist in running sustainable, profitable, and compliant businesses.

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