Piiink Community Rewards Launch : 2 July 2022

Sat Jul 2, 09:00 - Sat Jul 2, 10:00


About Us


We’re an energetic company that wants to be different whilst we make a difference.

Our innovative community program helps people save money and support local charities whilst assisting with the growth of local businesses.

We care about giving back to the community and think the unique way “Piiink” combines cash back, great deals and charity donations is an easy way to be part of making life … just … better.

The “Piiink” Team and our partners have been working vigorously on this project to take our technology and business model to another level. We built our world-class software on a banking system platform and our business model is totally unique and one of the most advanced in the world.

With an in-house IT department, social media engagement team and loyalty management platform, “Piiink” can support you to build your business and your community. Our team has expertise in Online Marketing, Management, Customer service and Software Development.

What is “Piiink” ? 

“Piiink” is the most innovative and society friendly community program available in the world today. Your “Piiink” Membership enables you to save “money”, win prizes and help charity whilst doing your normal every day shopping.

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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