The Basotho Blanket Storytelling

Fri Jul 1, 18:00 - Fri Jul 1, 21:00
The Bijou Press


The Basotho blanket story began with a gift…. – but we will come back to that…

The history of the Basotho blanket emerges out of intersecting human spaces. The missionaries, the traders, merchants, manufacturers and designers of the blankets - and the consumers. All share a joint responsibility in the creation of objects of material culture which have both symbolic significance and are objects of daily use.

However there is a third almost invisible element: the earlier decorative and craft traditions of pre-colonial Sotho culture.

Blankets have a secret language, associated with aspects of the symbolic, and spiritual and cultural values. European traders would have had insight into aspects of this secret language.

Where do we find these meanings? Steven Sack will unravel this layered story. Join us for the story telling, a meal and a glass wine all for R250.00

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The Basotho Blanket Storytelling
The Bijou Press
178 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
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