Fear/Freedom: A Confrontation Between a Bully and His Victim. Then and Now.

Wed Jun 29, 19:00 - Wed Jun 29, 20:30
Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre


“An unusual window into the psyche of bullying – one that teachers, parents and children need to see.”

It’s been 40 years since Bryan Schimmel and Clinton Fein matriculated from King David High School, Linksfield. Both have had successful and accomplished careers. 

FEAR/FREEDOM: A CONFRONTATION BETWEEN A BULLY AND HIS VICTIM – THEN AND NOW is a unique and hard-hitting presentation where Schimmel and Fein recount their school life experiences as both the bullied and the bully. And the powerful reconciliation that took place 35 years later.  

Unapologetically raw, brutally honest, and moving, FEAR/FREEDOM explores the intricate dynamics behind what drives bullying and its impact on the victims.

FEAR/FREEDOM offers an inspiring and fresh perspective on this controversial and widely misunderstood topic by presenting realistic approaches that reduce harm. 

The launch of this not-to-be-missed presentation took place at “the scene of the crime,” King David High School, Linksfield – one presentation to parents and another the following day to students. FEAR/FREEDOM received rave reviews, inspired essential and complex questions from the audiences, and immediately spurred a new campaign at the school based on the themes presented.

Schimmel is a celebrated and multi-award-winning music director, arranger, and musical performer who has conducted major productions across the globe. He won the 2017 ABSA Jewish Achiever Award for Arts, Sports, Science and Culture. 

Fein is a renowned writer and artist who has lived in the USA for the last 38 years. He has exhibited his work in major cities around the world. He is also an activist who has successfully championed social issues against the US Navy and the US Government before the US Supreme Court. 

Many have shared stories about having been bullied. There are far fewer stories and admissions made by bullies themselves. But even rarer is the story of a bully and his victim sharing the same stage. 

A Q & A session typically follows the presentation.


"Brave! Very very brave! And what a fresh and interesting angle to start the most powerful conversation on the bully and the victim. I laughed, I cried, I listened, I sympathised, I understood. Both sides. And all the while I was entertained. Let's become more tolerant and accepting of others. And applaud these two exceptional people for revealing the rawness of transforming from FEAR to FREEDOM!"

-- Nicole Glickman


“A powerful showcase of extreme vulnerability. Brutally honest and moving” 

-- Gaven Sinclair


“Vital voices bearing their soul. Portrayed with immense courage & introspection, to attain the ultimate……freedom“

-- Nadia Jacobs


“I came to listen. What I heard was a game changer. Clint and Bryan, you brought more to the table than I anticipated. Thank you so much.”

-- Larry Chimes


"As a psychologist who has worked with both bullies and their victims, I wanted to recommend the moving presentation FEAR/FREEDOM. It is honest and thought- provoking and I think their story will resonate with all of us.”

-- Nicole Canin


"It was off the charts. This is a whole new angle around forgiveness and reconciliation, and we were riveted."

-- King David Teacher 


"It was really incredible and very brave of them to do it. I think it's a very Important conversation that needs to be had and they got their message across excellently and still made it funny. I loved it!!"

-- Tammy S, Grade 11


"It was really brilliant, emotional and sensitive all at once. A privilege to be there."

-- Jodi Starkowitz, Head of Marketing, King David High School, Linksfield


"Well done! It was an incredible presentation to listen to."

-- Dean S, King David Student, 11th Grade


"One of the most inspirational speeches and it will wake up many to this situation."

-- David K, King David Student, 11th Grade


"Incredible stuff, well done and thank you.”

-- Daniel F, King David Student, 11th Grade


"I thought it was excellent and one of the best talks I’ve heard. I think that it was very much needed and I think a lot of people enjoyed it and learnt a lesson from their story."

-- Tali R, 10th Grade


“One of the best speaking engagements in my entire school career. Incredibly impactful, exceptionally genuine, nothing sugarcoated. Absolutely incredible. Even afterwards, everyone was talking about it and were blown away."

-- Kelli H, 11th Grade

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Fear/Freedom: A Confrontation Between a Bully and His Victim. Then and Now.
Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre
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