Chester Missing & Conrad Koch - Nice Racists - LIVE at The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town | 06 to 16 Jul 2022

Wed Jul 6, 20:00 - Sat Jul 16, 21:45
Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town


Chester Missing & Conrad Koch LIVE at The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town | 06 to 16 Jul 2022


Chester Missing is

South Africa’s most famous puppet, a satirical analyst who has interviewed most

of the country’s political elite on TV. He’s had his own TV show, been a

regular numerous on radio shows, wrote an award winning book, and is the first

puppet in history to literally go to court, fighting racism, and won. No,

really, the puppet was in court. His sidekick is Conrad Koch, South Africa’s

top ventriloquist, who also happens to be a social anthropologist. They are

both double EMMY nominated comedians. Well, Chester is, and Conrad is just

riding on his career - very annoying these ventriloquists.


hilarious conversation with between two friends that just never goes to plan.

But with puppets nothing ever goes to plan. From silly banter, to searing

social commentary the show is a roller coaster of fun and comedic tension

between good mates who are actually one person. The one is a shoot-from the

hip, say-it-like-it-is puppet and the other is a white South African who would

rather not have THAT conversation. In NICE RACISTS Chester Missing insists that

they do. After all, self roasts are the funniest roasts of all.

Conrad hopes the show

will be a side splitting hour and a bit about other people’s racism, but

Chester lives in a suitcase and doesn’t give a damn. He’s out to spill all

Conrad’s racial beans - unless they start with Conrad’s own racism the show

cannot happen. And really, it never does, because for the next 60 minutes

Chester uproariously rips into Conrad’s idea of who he thinks he is, of his

place in history, what it was like growing up during apartheid, what he has

done to deal with it, and where his body hair went. It gets awkward. When your

best friend lives in your head there really is no place to hide.

And there are plenty of

pot shots along the way, from the double standards of how white journalists

tend to treat European wars, to how colonialism and its benefits have shaped

Western lives in every way, this is an examination of whiteness by a lauded

satirical duo from one of the world’s most unequal societies. Together they

were the first recipients of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation’s Anti-Racism Award.

Drop of any

preconceptions of ventriloquism as a tired artform repeating tropes we have

seen a thousand times before, this is hard hitting hilarious social commentary

that brings the South African edge of the conversation on race, racism and

inequality into global context. Post the fall of apartheid South Africans have

been negotiating a revised social compact that would never accept racist norms,

like Australia’s Australia Day or a Cecil John Rhodes’ statue at Oxford. This

is a double EMMY nominated puppet delivering scathing critique of the global

conversation on whiteness and racism from an African perspective, and in turn an

attempt to self-examine by a white South African grappling with having

benefitted from a crime against humanity. And they’ll tell you about the time

Chester got left in an Uber.


touring South Africa after which it will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

in August.


Limited Physically Distanced Seating.

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Chester Missing & Conrad Koch - Nice Racists - LIVE at The Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town | 06 to 16 Jul 2022
Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town
New Church St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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