Brendon Peel - Impossible! (Illusions, Magic and Mentalism!)

Fri Jul 29, 19:30 - Fri Jul 29, 21:00
Centurion Theatre


IMPOSSIBLE! With Brendon Peel


You have seen him WOW Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent, you have seen him get a standing ovation

on Romania's Got Talent, you have even seen him perform his unique street magic on the Travel Channel, and now you can witness Brendon Peel's mind blowing magic LIVE!


The human mind is one of the most fascinating and powerful tools in existence. Yet on occasion we

have the ability to trick our own minds and perceptions. Brendon Peel is someone who has dedicated the last 12 years of his life to bending people's perceptions of reality in a humorous and entertaining way.


IMPOSSIBLE is a show filled with delightful deceptions, fantastic illusions, and mind-boggling mentalism that will leave you wondering if the impossible can for a fleeting moment, be possible. On this journey of Impossibility, join the multi-award winning mentalist, Brendon Peel, as he weaves his magic in an entertaining display of unique psychological experiments, classic magic tricks, as well as feats of true impossibility.


Brendon Peel is widely known for his touring live stage shows that have been highlighted by The Sun, as “World Class” as well as “a must see” by The Herald. His shows are always guaranteed to amaze as well as entertain, which is why in 2021, the major media house Briefly, highlighted Brendon Peel as one of the Top 5 magicians to hail

from Africa.


IMPOSSIBLE is a show that is interactive and engaging that is unique to anything else you may have witnessed before. It is one that will certainly have your brain whirring for a very long time to come. Join in the fun this March so you too can witness what impossible feats can be made possible!


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Brendon Peel - Impossible! (Illusions, Magic and Mentalism!)
Centurion Theatre
123 Amkor Rd, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157
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