#TechTalkCPT: Neuroscientific Marketing Day02

Thu Jun 9, 18:00 - Thu Jun 9, 20:31
June's #TechTalkCPT is all about Neuromarketing.

This is a relatively new field of marketing research that studies consumers real subconcious emotional and cognitive responses to the consumer experience. Join us as  Neural Sense takes us on an awesome journey where they will share some of the neurofeedback and biometric technologies that are used to learn why consumers make the decisions they do and to determine how the emotional drivers behind those decisions can be optimised. We will also be sharing the NeuroWine project, a collaboration between Neural Sense™ and BlankBOTTLE (a craft wine brand produced in the Somerset West region by winemaker Pieter Walser). Together we set out to apply the science of Neuromarketing to the art of winemaking to create the worlds first NeuroWine – a wine made using only the winemakers’ own subconscious emotional responses to the wine tasting experience. 

#TechTalkCPT happens one evening every month, where we bring you the bleeding edge of technology, science and innovation as presented by specialists within a field, accompanied by drinks and networking.
At Neural Sense™ we evoke emotional engagement and enhance memorability for our clients' brands, products and services. With the use of neuroscience techniques and biometric technologies, we can identify how your marketing mix and advertising communications can be optimized to evoke the best possible emotional response and attain the best possible cognitive impact. Our methodologies explore emotion; memory and decision-making in response to the consumer experience – all of which play a vital role in influencing the resulting consumer behaviour.
 "I read people's minds, seriously..." David comes from a background in Clinical Psychology and has vast knowledge in the field of Neuroscience. David has also completed his PhD, where he tested his hypotheses using fMRI neuroimaging technologies and techniques. He is the scientific backbone of the Neural Sense™ team and ensures that all of our projects are both scientifically and ethically sound. His deep understanding of the human brain provides valuable insight into the inner workings of the subconscious.
"I pull rabbits from hats, a marketing magician" Mark draws upon over eight years of experience working within the fields of advertising and marketing. With direct senior involvement in the development of the marketing strategies and the resulting advertising campaigns for major local and international brands, he has a good understanding of the types of business problems marketers face on a daily basis and how the field of neuromarketing can provide the insight that is needed to address these challenges.


#TechTalkCPT: Neuroscientific Marketing Day02
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