Education must continue - We live amongst legends

Sat Sep 10, 11:00 - Sat Sep 10, 17:00
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L'emas Excellency is the world leading multimillionaire freelancing company that allows everyone to unleash their true potential. Our slogan " We live amongst legends "represents that each and everyone is a legend and has the ability to contribute to the world.

We have associated ourself with "The Littèrateur " the world leading writing group. The Littèrateur will hosting a stage play called Education must continue at the South African State theatre.

The story Education must continue was inspired by Nikola Tesla who came up with an invention that was gonna make electricity to be free for everyone but somehow the invention was not created.

Rumors say it might have been the government who sabotaged him so that we could have companies that we pay electricity on a monthly basis but others say that" people just use the government's name to get attention, electricity can never be free" but the truth can never be known.

Education must continue is a science fictional story about a group of learners who are planning a protest against the Prison of mindset. In this science fiction story the truth ain't as easy as it comes...It is scary...But it will make you change your view on the world

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Education must continue - We live amongst legends
Pretoria CBD
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