Lunch and Learn @ B-Advisory - How to create a business that will outlive you

Fri Jun 3, 13:00 - Fri Jun 3, 13:30


  • What makes a business last forever?
  • How do you draw a succession plan?
  • What strategies do you use to make sure your business lasts longer than you?

Join us at B-Advisory’s Lunch & Learn, as we undertake conversations that will provide strategies that will ensure your business outlive you.

Tsungai Masendeke is the founder of Moms and Money, a women empowerment initiative designed to help moms with the tools, resources and strategies they need to create multiple streams of income with the aim of leaving a sustainable wealth legacy.

A certified financial planner and wealth coach by profession, Tsungai, is a financial literacy and inclusion advocate.

She is passionate about minimizing the wealth inequality gap and believes that financial literacy is a must in order to make this a reality.

Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is an informational program hosted by B-Advisory, a Chartered Accounting firm, whose objective is to unravel world-class solutions and strategies that assist in running sustainable, profitable, and compliant businesses.

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