#WomenInTechCPT: Tech Meets Journalism and Education

Tue Jun 14, 19:00 - Tue Jun 14, 21:00
June's #WomenInTechCPT theme is tied into the upcoming Youth Day. We present Kosma Von Maltitz and Diana Neille, two amazing women who are in involved in technology in various ways which are changing communities for the greater good!

Women in Tech CPT is a group aimed at girls, ladies and women who are interested in or work in the tech industry. While boys, gentlemen and men are welcome to join, this group is dedicated to creating an opportunity for women to learn and connect with each other. We also aim to create an open environment to share our awesome work in tech!
Technology, education and the stars

Education unlocks career opportunities. Technology can unlock access to education. Kosma works with a passionate and dedicated team to optimise teaching and learning through technology. During this talk Kosma would like to share with you her learning, coding and working journey from astrophysics to educational technology. 

About Kosma:
Kosma von Maltitz has a MSc in Astrophysics and Space Science. At Siyavula she heads up the EdTech Production team who design and create Physics, Chemistry and Maths content. Kosma also presents shows at the Iziko Planetarium and does Astronomy outreach whenever she gets a chance.
Twitter: @kosmavm and @Siyavula
Use it or lose it: bridging third-world journalism and first-world tech
The global news media is constantly chasing tech trends to try and stay relevant, sometimes to its own detriment. Because South Africa is generally several years behind the United States in terms of media innovation, we get to learn from mistakes there before they happen here. But the essence and purpose of journalism should remain the same everywhere. Should journalism be adapting to tech, or should it be the other way around? And how can the South African media do so successfully in an increasingly complex industry?

About Diana:
Diana Neille is a journalist and media entrepreneur with an MSc in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia University in the City of New York. The former Executive Multimedia Producer at eNews Channel Africa, Diana formed a new editorial production called Chronicle out of a desire to see better, more innovative storytelling and more inclusivity in mainstream media. Diana has a keen interest in the relationship between technology and journalism, specifically in how and which existing - and up-and-coming - tech tools can contribute to a useful, vibrant and relevant national media, and which are more trouble than they're worth.

Twitter: @DianaNeille



#WomenInTechCPT: Tech Meets Journalism and Education
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