The Future Females Show Launch | Cape Town

Mon May 23, 18:30 - Mon May 23, 21:00
Bokeh Creative Studios


You are invited to join us at the LIVE LAUNCH of the Future Females Show!

This is a 6 part event series hosted by Susana Kennedy, that aims to celebrate and reframe success - by showcasing the stories and strategies of successful female Founders, changing the game in their industries. We’ll be asking the questions that women actually do want answered, like how do I master a full body orgasm and run a 6 figure business while juggling my romantic life and stepping into the greatest version of myself by nurturing my zone of genius. 

The launch event is all about ‘Entrepreneurship: Celebrating & Reframing Success’ - and we have an exciting night in store!

Meet our Speakers

Speaker 1 = Babalwa Ndlwana

Babalwa is a full-time influencer and content creator who has worked with some of South Africa’s biggest brands, has built a thriving community of 267,000 followers, and is a full-time mum of two. Babs will be sharing with us her path to becoming financially sustainable through content creation, while balancing life/wife/kids, and sharing tips on how you can do the same.

Speaker 2 & 3 = Lauren Dallas & Cerina Bezuidenhout, Co-Founders of Future Females

Hear how these women turned what started as a one-off event in Woodstock into a 55 city, 100,000 member community of female entrepreneurs in just 4.5 years, with no external funding. They will speak about building a business for profit and for purpose, the struggles of side-hustling, B2C vs. B2B, why building community, and ultimately how to build a business that delivers on lifestyle (and doesn’t take away from it!).

Speaker 4 = Des’ree Brouwer

Des’ree was born in the Netherlands and for the past 15 years has lived and worked across Asia, SE Europe, Middle East and Africa - honing her skill in business development. She lives for cold calling, cold market entry, and for being planted somewhere in the world to build the network and raise funds to launch a new project or business. If you are working on building an empire, but have questions about how to secure global partners and sponsors - you’re going to want to hear Des’ree’s interview!

Meet our Co-Hosts

Cohost 1 = Susana Kennedy, Co-Founder & CEO of Thrive Network, Media Personality & Transformational Coach

Susana Kennedy is known for being a cheerleader who celebrates, educates and inspires individuals around the world by giving changemakers who are passionate about forging their own path, while making a difference, a platform to be seen and honoured for their work

Cohost 2 = Lauren Dallas, Co-Founder & CEO of Future Females

Lauren is a growth marketer, business coach and full-time hedonist - she believes in the fearless pursuit of joy above all else, and lives to support other women to achieve this too, through the power of entrepreneurship.  

Cohost 3 = To Be Announced

Meet our Sponsors

Bokeh Creative Studios

Our incredible venue sponsor - a funky hair salon with a coffee shop by day and an event and film production studio at night. Come and check it out!


In their own words - ‘there is only one way you live life’ - thank you to Pongracz for putting a champers in our hands on arrival, and for giveaways through the night!


Providing furniture to create spaces you love - thank you for providing the beautiful set for our FF Show launch!

Style Rotate 

Driving the mission of sustainable fashion through the rental revolution, dressing our hosts for the evening.

Excentric on Kloof

One of the best hair salons in Cape Town, giving our hosts the style they need to rock this Launch event!


Our long-standing Future Females sponsor, thank you to FNB bank for supporting our community of female entrepreneurs with access to relevant and accessible financial products for themselves and their businesses.


Our long-standing Future Females sponsor, supporting entrepreneurs in South Africa with flexible payment solutions through their local, online payment gateway.


Who is a ‘Future Female’ (i.e. a member)? (Our manifesto)

Future Females is a movement that exists to increase the number of and support the success of female entrepreneurs globally. We are a community-based learning platform, where women can access online courses taught by the world’s best female Founders - who have achieved success from their strategies, multiple times over.  

A Future Female is a woman who is breaking the mould, pushing the boundaries and thinking bigger.

Future Females are women, united by a common, unquenchable desire for success, on their own terms.

They set massive goals and achieve these through consistent, imperfect action, to drive positive change and transform the world around us.

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The Future Females Show Launch | Cape Town
Bokeh Creative Studios
84 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8000
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