IEASA Webinar PAIA & POPIA – 25 May 2022

Wed May 25, 10:00 - Wed May 25, 12:30
Online Webinar


IEASA Webinar PAIA & POPIA – Be PAIA compliant & POPIA Pack


Practical PAIA & POPIA - STEP BY STEP WORKSHOP covering:

Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000 / Protection of Personal Information Act 2 of 2013

Includes: One ticket to attend the zoom workshop AND the Workbook that could be printed by those attending the workshop if they want to. The information from the slides is included in the workbook. They will in addition to the workbook all receive the PAIA Manual for Property Practitioners & the forms, POPIA Compliance Framework, the forms and the clauses and both Acts.


During the workshop the focus is PRACTICAL on:

  • The purpose & differences POPIA vs PAIA                        
  • What should a Property Practitioners Business do to be compliant with PAIA
  • What should a Property Practitioners Business do to be compliant with POPIA
  • Who is the POPIA role players in the property industry?
  • What is Personal information do we as Property Practitioners process and how?         
  • What is the 8 processing conditions and how do we apply them step by step?
  • What should the Information and deputy information officers do?
  • How to use the IEASA POPIA & PAIA PACKS in your office.
  • Direct marketing vs Marketing vs Branding – Practical and fun facts


Everybody in the property industry is welcome!


Date:  Wednesday 25 May 2022

Time: 10h00 - 12h30

CPD: 2.5 Non-verifiable CPD points for professional category - POPIA / PAIA Internal Awareness Session

Cost: R350 - POPIA / PAIA Packs for Principals or Managers (includes the pack and one ticket to attend this webinar)

R50 for each agent, intern, person requiring a certificate of Compliance Training Attendance or each additional ticket. This price does not include the pack.


NOTE: Agencies can book for their team to receive certificates for their files to state they have attended the IEASA POPIA / PAIA Internal Awareness Session. Principals or managers, pay R350 to receive the full POPI / PAIA Act compliance pack for their agencies. Included in the Pack for Agency Principals or managers - will attend this Webinar together with the full POPIA / PAIA Compliance Pack with Compliance Manual, Compliance Forms and Compliance clauses for contracts, mandates and viewing forms.


Venue Online – link will be sent out the afternoon prior


Certificate to state Successfully completed the IEASA POPIA / PAIA Compliance Training session


Training will need to be done on an ongoing basis.

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Refund policy No refunds


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