The Incidentals – Trippin on Tar (Single Launch)

Sat Jun 4, 18:00 - Sat Jun 4, 21:30
cafe Roux, Noordhoek


Arrive from 6pm for dinner. Music at 7:30pm

Tickets R150

Please adhere to COVID protocols

"This song is a concept I've been wanting to write about for some time but couldn't find the words before. Most of us, at some point or another, slip into a routine of daily life that blurs days and months and sucks the meat out of our time and makes everything wispy and too fast. Constant messages, beeps, buzzes, clicks, leading to predictable patterns and then memories of patterns replace memories of moments. Time seems to slip by and life starts feeling shorter. Expectation to be somewhere and do something is always around. In that mess of "normal" life the "open road" or a "trip to nowhere", becomes a drug to break the cycle. The narrator is on the brink of leaving on such a trip where nothing is expected and therefore nothing can bother him. Over time the wilderness allows him to face himself and come to terms with his limitations. Then, like the life left behind, the road also becomes cyclical and weary." – Chris Haw
About the band:
The Incidentals are an acoustic folk-rock trio from Cape Town comprising of Chris on guitars and vocals, Brad on bass and Dave on vocals and drums.
Formed in 2019 the trio has crafted a captivating local sound that is undoubtedly their own. Songwriters Chris (formally with Chiaroscuro and The Swingsetters)   and Dave (formally with ChiaroscuroPalms Up and The Swingsetters) weave storied lyrics together with warm thumb-picked guitars, vocal harmonies, smooth basslines and sultry, steady beats

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Age restriction Family friendly
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