Cookies, Cats and a Light Sprinkling of POPIA

Wed May 25, 14:00 - Wed May 25, 17:00

Event is online


Join the rehabilitated lawyers from Novation Consulting and compelling content creators from 2Stories for a fun, collaborative event discussing all things POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act).  

Before your eyes glaze over: we guarantee that this will not be an earth-shatteringly dull presentation! 

Novation Consulting founder Elizabeth de Stadler will present a dummy’s guide to using adtech and martech in a POPIA-compliant way. She’ll cover:

• POPIA basics: like, what is it, exactly?

• More POPIA basics: the stuff that all the (other) lawyers are getting wrong

• POPIA and martech, adtech – and every other tech, for that matter

• POPIA and cookies: are you implementing it correctly?

• Why you shouldn’t be worried about what’s happening in Europe

• Any other burning questions you may have.

Panel discussion 

Following Elizabeth’s gripping and informative presentation, the following group of digital-content industry experts will take part in a vibrant discussion, covering everything from the future of digital advertising to potential strategies for a cookie-less world. 

As a Specialist Lead SSA at Google, there isn’t much that Lorraine Landon doesn’t know about formulating digital solutions tailored to her clients’ needs. 

Umna Adams is Head of Direct Marketing at Woolworths, mastering how tech and the science behind it can build relationships and add value.

Joanne Hope, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 2Stories, has a wealth of experience in using innovative and strategic thinking to make content marketing really work for clients. 

And Roan Mackintosh is Managing Director for Middle East and Africa at Incubeta Group, the global digital marketing giant obsessed with helping businesses upgrade their growth. 

The panel will be moderated by Anelde Greeff, Co-founder and Chief Content Officer at 2Stories, with a specialisation in strategy and storytelling badassery, and the strongest GIF game ever.  

Settle in with your beverage(s) of choice and a good spread of snacks. This is one you don’t want to miss. 

About us 

Novation Consulting is a gang of rehabilitated lawyers who are allergic to suits, office shoes and being boring. They’re considered thought leaders because they actually think differently and strive to turn WTF into AHA! They recently published a white paper about cookies and cats (which – drum roll – will be unpacked during the presentation) and have a whole lot of other interesting insights on their website. Check it out here

2Stories is the opposite of your traditional content marketing agency. They’re a new genre of content creators: a small agency with massive flex appeal. They speak, write, strategise, conceptualise, plan, direct and produce content marketing fluently. Like what you’re reading? We thought so. Go stalk them here.