Sonofold and Slump live at M-PIRE Music

Fri Jul 22, 19:00 - Fri Jul 22, 22:30
M-PIRE Music



Sonofold is the project of artist Nic Olsen. Olsen is best known locally as one of the frontmen for the early 2000s alternative rock band Perez and as a ghostwriter for the indie band The Parlotones. Sonofold's first two albums Change is how you feel and 3% Baby were released in 2008 to critical acclaim: 

"Change Is How You Feel is bright acoustic songwriter-pop with gorgeous harmonies and a touch of Elliott Smith, " 3% Baby!!!” is more open, more eclectic, starts with a lengthy feedback intro, mixes British pop with American 90s indie rock and contains his masterpiece with the psychedelic, vaguely Kinks-reminiscent ballad “See It Slow”. - Rolling Stone

Shortly after the release of the first two albums, Olsen met well-known German drummer Florian Schanze (Massive Tone, Obliterations, Pink Mountaintops), who became an integral part of the band.

After touring with The Wave Pictures, The Rural Alberta Advantage and Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, among others, this two-part rock band version of Sonofold led to the release of a third album: The Wolf Album (2011). This album was recorded in Chicago with recorded by well-known audio engineer Steve Albini. (Pixies, The Breeders, Nirvana and many more). 

Olsen returned in 2020 with a self-titled album released with Gallo Records. The album was produced by South African drummer Tom Hughes (FUZIGISH, Vulvodynia) and the songs are mostly drawn from material written between 2009 and 2018. In early 2021, Sonofold now with Tom on drums, returned to the studio to record the latest release "Ghosts" which has been out since March 2022 with Just Music.


Born out of the end of lockdown, Slump is aptly named as a band that musically embodies the energy of this sullen time.

Band members; Cameron (guitar/vocals), Acacia-Anne (drums) and Sebastian (bass/vocals) have been making music together for over a decade, notably as Black Math and Feast Of Famine. The band strives for their own sound using alternative tunings and rhythms, tight structures and a wide range of influences including Post-Punk, Prog and Pop. 

Doors - 7pm

Slump - 8pm

Son of Old - 9:15pm


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Sonofold and Slump live at M-PIRE Music
M-PIRE Music
299 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
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