Meditate To Activate - Balancing The Masculine & Feminine

Wed May 25, 20:00 - Wed May 25, 21:00


Our masculine & feminine energy, (yang and yin) runs through our body in two intertwined energy channels.

These channels can be blocked with negative emotional energy, knocked out of alignment and wounded by trauma. This has a negative impact on our lives and our ability to embrace our masculine and/or feminine qualities.

Fortunately we can heal and restore this energy and allow it to flow fully. This bring the yin and the yang into alignment in our lives and help bring this energy into alignment for the collective.

In this powerful group meditation we will be healing, clearing and activating our masculine and feminine energy channels for our good and the good of all humanity.

After a short discourse of 5 - 10 minutes we will begin the meditation which will last 15 - 20 minutes. This will be followed by feedback and Q&A for those who choose.

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Age restriction Family friendly
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