Family friendly

Open Trails at Schultz

Sat Jun 4, 06:30 - Sat Jun 29, 16:00

Schultz Trails


Join us for a free trail running session.

Trails will be open from 06:30 to 16:00

Walk, jog, run, explore!

Follow the trail markers or go where there is no trail and leave a path.


In seeking to participate in this event conducted by Allesbeste, AH Ernest en Seuns, Schultz Trails, Krabbefontein and their employees. 

I do hereby warrant and acknowledge;

That my general health is good and there is nothing which renders me unfit to undertake a trail run/jog/walk. That I understand and appreciate fully the fact that there may well be risks, hazards and dangers involved to which I would be subjected. 

I voluntarily assume the risk inherent in taking part in such a event and I, together with my heirs, executors and administrators hereby release , its officers, agents and representatives, from any duty or care towards me, in connection with my participation in any event, and from liability from all or any claims that could accrue to me or my heirs, executors and administrators arising out of my participation in the event or in any related activities irrespective of whether such claim or claims arose through the negligence of any person, or from any of the risks, dangers or hazards inherent in a event, or of any loss of, or damage to, any property from any cause whatsoever and I further indemnify and hold harmless associated persons against any claims howsoever the same may arise.


Open Trails at Schultz
Schultz Trails
42XF+6Q Tzaneen, South Africa
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