No under 18s

The Gender Bender Show presents Queer Vibrations

Thu Apr 28, 20:00 - Thu Apr 28, 22:00

ANEW Hotel Green Point


The Gender Bender Show


“Sometimes, I feel sexy in a slinky dress and lipstick. Sometimes, I feel handsome in a button down and tie. Sometimes, I wear ties with skirts, corsets and cufflinks. I am a gender-bender, and I can bend gender norms to fit my conception of who I am!” – Anonymous

The Gender Bender Show invites you to have fun on 28th April at ANEW Hotel Green Point. 

Join us as we celebrate the mysterious inherent beauty of fluid sexual and gender identities in the next instalment of Queer Vibrations, a celebration of performance art and gender exploration. 

By pushing the envelope of gender conformity, fashion and human spectacle through expression of elaborate, glamorous and often satirical performance art forms, our performers play on topics that are often considered taboo through splendid displays of diversity and transformation.

Your host on this journey of discovery is the sinsational Wolf.Steel, who hopes to both educate and entertaint!

Featured Artists

Courtney De Vorst

Tequila Rose Skye

Cherry Bomb

DD Vahlour

Shitzanne Giggles

28th April 2022

ANEW Hotel Green Point

R150 admission (

Doors open 19H00

Show starts 20H00

What is gender bending?

“A gender bender is a person who disrupts, or "bends", expected gender roles. Gender bending is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken to destroy rigid gender roles and defy sex-role stereotypes. Some gender benders identify with the sex assigned them at birth, but challenge the societal norms that assign expectations of particular, gendered behaviour to that sex. This rebellion can involve androgynous dress, adornment, behaviour, and atypical gender roles.” - Wikipedia 


The Gender Bender Show presents Queer Vibrations
ANEW Hotel Green Point
181 Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051
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