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Voice Your Vision for a Better Future

You and those around you are facing burnout, broken relationships, a divided culture, seemingly endless conflicts, emotionally exhausted teams, and an undefined path ahead. The future is waiting for your vision, your ideas, your action, and your leadership. The future is listening. The future is now.

Gathering with a global community of change-driven, growth-minded, hope-filled people like you, discover how to voice your vision for a better future.

Preview The Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit—the premier leadership event of the year—brings?you a two-day catalytic experience of rich learning, new ideas, fresh perspective, and inspiring stories from leading experts spanning a wide range of fields and backgrounds.? View Faculty »

GLS22 Leadership Faculty

Go on a journey of rich learning. Get ready to gain new ideas and a fresh perspective from 12+ leading experts spanning a wide range of fields and backgrounds.

*Faculty lineup and topics subject to change. Additional faculty and guest artists to be revealed.

Your Voice for a Better Future Matters

Get geared up with the leadership tools you need to voice your vision for a better future.

When you look at the world around you, what do you see? If you see opportunities or problems to be solved even in the face of hardship, you might be a leader. In fact, your vision for a better future, wherever you are, whatever your title,?really matters.

The future is listening. Now is the time to step up and voice your vision for a better future.?But if you feel stuck or uninspired, the problems you see can feel unsolvable, your vision unattainable. You are not alone.

With 25+ years of experience delivering fresh, practical, hope-filled leadership development training within a supportive community,?The Global Leadership Summit?has become more than a two-day conference—it is?an invitation?to get geared up with the leadership tools you need to voice your vision for a better future.

?Voice Your Vision to...

Engage in meaningful & healing conflict resolution.


Strengthen your personal & professional relationships.


Empower others across generational divides.


Realize opportunity?even in the face of hardship.


Recognize?courageous influence even beyond a title.

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