Ground Station (TinyGS) Workshops 27Apr2022

Wed Apr 27, 10:30 - Wed Apr 27, 12:00
CDW 2022 MaxIQ Room, basement level


Build a ground station capable of receiving telemetry from currently 14+ active satellites. 

Become a valuable member of a network with 1000+ ground stations. 

Based on the TinyGS ground station solution, you will build and “program” a stand-alone ground station. The software will auto-tune to a 70cm/±433MHz LoRa based satellite currently in a polar-orbit, allowing you to listen in everywhere on earth. You can borrow a kit in the workshop, or you can prebook your own kit (excluding the antenna) from here.

Prerequisite: Laptop (Windows or Mac) with working USB-A Port and WiFi access (only required for configuration), optional - smartphone (iOS/Android)

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