CDW 2022 bluShift Suborbital Launch Kit Workshop 28Apr2022

Thu Apr 28, 09:30 - Thu Apr 28, 11:00
MaxIQ Room Basement level


In-person workshops on the fringe of the CubeSat Developers Workshop 2022.

Assembling the bluShift sub-orbital flight kit:

Demonstration of own payload, using own software and/or own hardware. Intra-CubeSat Interface Control between your flight kit and the CubeSat motherboard (CAN bus). Extra-CubeSat Interface Control between the CubeSat and the bluShift rocket (TBD).

Prerequisite: You will need to have purchased your spot on the bluShift launch before attending, get it here … You optionally need a Laptop (Windows or Mac) with working USB-A Port and WiFi access.

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