"When I left the room" a dance research performance.

Thu May 19, 19:30 - Fri May 20, 21:00

Joseph Stone Auditorium


Four Countries: Brazil, South Africa, The Netherlands and The United States.

Four Dancers: Alice Maybin, Christopher Thomas, Mukovhe Monyai and Bronwyn Craddock

One Story, Multiple Layers

One Room, 3 Chapters- 7 Rooms in One

One Choreographer: Anderson Carvalho

Original Music by Adam Claussen

"I have decided to explore different choreographic routes and experience creation from as many different angles as possible, crossing borders, be in the present, challenging, searching for new spaces, forms, sounds, movement and opportunity for the expression of a creative freedom. A deep search for a more human body that moves from its inner world, allowing itself to get lost and have the opportunity to undress all the uniforms, labels that have been carried around, an opportunity to get closer to the dancers themselves, to be in the present, to connect, to allow be taken in the journey, to evoke emotions, sensations and translate feelings into movement" - Anderson Carvalho


"When I left the room" a dance research performance.
Joseph Stone Auditorium
Protea St & Klipfontein Rd, Kewtown, Cape Town, 7764
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