Pro Cook Series | Professional Cooking Class 4 | Baking - Cakes & Confectionery

Wed Jul 13, 17:30 - Wed Jul 13, 20:30
Frankie Fenner


Where does the journey begin?

It’s all about learning the rules of engagement. How do you become an intuitive driver? You practice, you think about different possible routes, and you try different ways. But practice is just a piece of it. You need to know the rules of the road before you can gain the confidence to even start practicing.

Welcome to the Professional Cooking Class with LeeAndra Govender

Who's it for? dabblers, date nights, and serious home cooks, anyone who aspires to take their cooking skills to pro level.

What to expect: Under the guidance of our master chef, you'll learn the essential skills you will only need to learn once when handling cakes & confectionery, fillings & flavourings, as well as relevant information for preparing the recipes.

What's included: A two-hour practical session, all ingredients, a skills booklet, an apron to wear on the day, a tea towel, substantial snacks upon arrival, beverages . All cooking equipment and teaching resources are provided at Soute Studio for use on the day.

What you need to know: No prior knowledge is required for this course, which is suitable for both novices and cooks with experience.

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Pro Cook Series | Professional Cooking Class 4 | Baking - Cakes & Confectionery
Frankie Fenner
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