My Up Time: Reflect & Reset

Tue Jun 14, 16:00 - Tue Jul 19, 18:00


Are you ready to unlock your true potential & step up?

It is time to be brave.


We will remember the COVID-19 pandemic for various reasons… job losses, fearful uncertainty, and sadly for so many, it will also be remembered as a time of great loss and discomfort. We were in survival mode; doing what we could to keep our heads above water.


Two years on, it is time to stand back and acknowledge that massive disruptions hold incredible benefits, but you need to unlock these for yourself. Recalling the forced routine change during the pandemic, you can probably pinpoint what worked for you and what did not. And while it is not impossible to explore reflection on your own, a guided session holds the power to lead you through a difficult awareness, while empowering you to make authentic changes.


If you are ready for honest reflection on your past behaviour, wants, and needs so that it can purposefully guide your future, then our 6-week webinar series, Reflect & Reset, is for you.


This 6-week series is presented by Coaches Caroline Rampton and Lyn Bainbridge. In addition to a weekly 2-hour session, you will also get a FREE one-on-one introductory discussion + 1-hour individual coaching.

Over the course of the series, you’ll be guided to reflect on 8 different areas in your life, which will help you explore and unlock the incredible benefits of authentic self-love. This, in turn, will bring about:

  • A better understanding of your own wants and needs;
  • Clear boundaries and an improved ability to keep it in place;
  • Clarity on the building blocks toward an authentic life;
  • A strong foundation to make lasting changes;
  • A conscious awareness of the positive aspects within you.


DATE: Tuesday, 14 June (and every Tuesday thereafter until 19 July)

TIME: 16h00 – 18h00

COST: R2,995 (part-payment option available)

PLATFORM: Zoom (links will be provided a day in advance)


Some sessions might be uncomfortable, challenging, and even emotional at times, but guaranteed to move you from where you are now, to take that giant step to where you want to be.

Sales close at 13h00 on Monday, May 13 June and the link to join the webinar will be shared thereafter.


Caroline Rampton

I’m an explorer of being brave, conscious, and creative. I’m a sense-maker of internal worlds to move beyond self and respond to the needs of others while staying grounded and true. For me, it is all about unlocking your full potential, to being a conscious co-creator of your life. I can take you on the journey and guide you from disconnection to connection with the Divine, yourself, and the outside world.

As a Master NLP Practitioner and ICF accredited Coach, my passion is to share my wisdom and help you unlock your potential and step up to the person you are. Through embracing change and being guided by your inner bravery, you have the opportunity and responsibility to live a meaningful life, achieve your greatest ambitions and be content in your relationship with yourself and others. This is about YOU and your time to SHINE. MyUpTime.

Note: Caroline was accredited as a Coach with the International Coaching Federation with STAR Leadership - Savannah Steinberg. Much of the content in this Journey is aligned to STAR leaderships training.

Lyn Bainbridge:

I’m a passionate seeker, lover of authentic expression, and inspired to understand through deep connection. I am driven to guide, support, and encourage others to see what’s possible. I am passionate about guiding clients to create the powerful shift to working with yourself, not against yourself. I’m all about harnessing compassion, courage, clarity, and connection so you can expand what’s possible through the conscious creation of your life purpose.

I’m trained as an ICF accredited coach and a seasoned counsellor, and you have my commitment to creating a safe space to support you as you embark on an inner journey, reclaiming all of who you are. By challenging yourself to consciously respond to your newfound knowledge you can take practical, meaningful action to achieve your goals for your life. In the process, you will forge a strong unwavering bond with yourself, liberating you to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

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