San Pedro Nature Retreat - Sedgefield

Fri May 27, 17:30 - Sun May 29, 11:30
Neverending Story, Sedgefield, Garden Route


San Pedro

This powerful healing retreat is an invitation to a personal journey of rediscovery. San Pedro, also known as Huachuma, is a psychedelic cactus medicine originating from the Peruvian Andes that has been used in healing rituals for more than 3 500 years. It supports deep healing and transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally. 


This retreat creates balance and harmony in our lives, nurtures compassion and understanding in our relationship to self and others, and supports letting go of the past to welcome a fresh start.  


Benefits of San Pedro:

  • Supports healing and transformation, emotionally, mentally, & physically.
  • Encourages clarity, creativity & success in one's ventures.
  • Rekindles energy, optimism & enthusiasm for life.
  • Strengthens relationship with self & others.
  • Access higher states of consciousness and awareness.
  • Experience an expanded sense of ‘Oneness’, love and compassion for all of life.



Neverending Story, Ruigtevlei, Sedgefield

The Retreat includes:

  • Accommodation & meals
  • San pedro medicine
  • Yoga
  • Nature vision quest
  • Power breathwork
  • Guided song circle (voices and instruments welcome)
  • Storytelling


The Experience

Friday evening

We shake off the city ‘buzz’ and relax into the beautiful, tranquil surrounds of our lodging. We gather in the evening for an informal group check-in, before enjoying a delicious meal together. Everyone is then welcome to enjoy some chill time around the fire or simply settling in for the night under the starlit skyline.   




We gather in the morning for the opening of the San Pedro ceremony. We get clear about what it is that has brought us to the retreat – what specific insights, healing etc. do we hope to receive and take back into our daily lives. We share the San Pedro medicine (a tea-like consistency) after receiving a clear explanation about what to expect from the medicine and through the day.  


Slow Movement Yoga Class (Beginners welcome)

We receive a beautifully guided Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class, moving into poses with mindfulness and breath awareness to stretch the body and prepare the mind for stillness and contemplation. The Yoga also serves to settle the San Pedro medicine in the body.

Vision Quest – Stillness in nature

We go into nature on our vision quest and settle into presence with our natural surrounds, paying attention to the signs in nature in order to find our ‘medicine’, which in the Native American sense is anything that is healing and positive to the body and mind.


During a vision quest an individual finds a place in nature where they can be alone mindfully, walking, sitting and meditating. With your intention in mind, and being fully present, you find wisdom and guidance in nature by looking for symbolic meaning from the things you observe.

Fruit lunch

We gather to enjoy a delicious fruit lunch. Fruit is complementary to the San Pedro experience and serves to further stimulate the energies of the medicine. 


Conscious breathwork

Through the power of a strong connect breathing rhythm our bodies are able to instantly release physical tension and stress, old traumas, limiting beliefs and deeper emotional and mental patterns suppressed within the subconscious.

Guided Song Circle

We gather in circle to open our hearts, uplift our spirits and connect with the high vibration of sound and the power of love through sacred song. We sing to uplift one another, to unite together and to celebrate each other. All voices and instruments welcome!. 

Dinner & fireside chilling

We enjoy a delicious grounding dinner together and relax around the fire, followed by a good night’s rest. 


Sunday morning

We enjoy a delicious breakfast together followed by storytelling with each member of the group sharing anything of interest about their experience. Storytelling is a tradition much revered by traditional cultures, as it ensures that the whole tribe benefits from individual insights and wisdom obtained.


We also commit to one or more specific actions to support our intentions in the coming weeks. These actions & intentions are also shared with the group who serve to witness, honour and support our intentions.


R2 950 per person sharing


What is San Pedro?

Find out everything you need to know about San Pedro and the effects it has here:


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