Expressive Movement #SaturdayShakeUp April - December 2022

Sat Apr 2, 10:30 - Sat Dec 3, 12:00

Online - from the comfort of your own venue


Inspired by the seasonal cycles, #SaturdayShakeUp is a somatic meditation that uses a curated music set to dance through the elements of the Expressive Movement Wave. The hour and a half class offers an opportunity to access the wisdom of your body and its creative expression. #SaturdayShakeUp is an inclusive, queer-friendly, body-positive dance floor that welcomes all beings. The class is underpinned by the belief that there is no wrong, nor right way of moving, simply your body's way. ALL are welcome, no movement or dance experience required.

Meet your #SaturdayShakeUp facilitator: @egoligal aka Thandi O'Hagan: a long-time dancer - from the massive rave parties of the 80's and 90's to the dark corners of dingy night clubs all the way through to the deliberately sober dance floors of today ... and everything in between ... I am most at home and in my body on the dance floor (or in water) where I continuously remeet my personal quest for freedom. I hold, with deep compassion and more than a dollop of sacred irreverence (no need to take ourselves too seriously!), a place for you to explore your freedom, in your body and on the dance floors of life.

Saturday Shake Up's take place on the first Saturday of the month at:

10:30 - 12:00pm SAST (GMT + 2)                                                      

Classes are offered on a sliding scale. If the full fee is beyond what you can afford right now, feel free to select the reduced fee option. If you are in a position to select the "Pay it Forward" option, you will be helping us offer free or reduced spots to others. Please select according to what feels right for you at this time.


Class fee: R120 Full Fee | R80 Reduced Fee | R160 Pay it forward (Full Fee + Pay it Forward contribution).


Platform: Zoom (After registering, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation with the relevant login details.)


Please read through our guidelines designed to create both a safe and a welcoming space for all:


Preparation: Clear an open space, free of obstacles for you to move through safely for the duration of the class. You may like to light a candle, burn incense or do anything that supports you in demarcating this time for you. Less distractions allow you to be more present to yourself and your dance and so we encourage you to turn off your phones and any notifications on your computer before we start.


Optimise your sound: The zoom room opens 15 minutes before to allow you to trouble-shoot any tech, to fine-tune your sound system to our music levels and to give you time to settle in before the class begins.


Connection: Although many of us are dancing alone in our homes, it is important to remember that there is still a container holding us all. We remain connected even though we are not physically together. If you feel comfortable, keeping your video on helps you to stay connected to the group. If having your video on is distracting for you, and you feel more able to drop into your dance, with the camera off – feel free to do that too.


Inclusion:  Expressive Movement is a space for all bodies. If there is anything that is a barrier to you being able to fully participate in the classes, please be in touch with us about this. We are here to dance, no spectating please. The safety of our container relies on our mutual respect and care.