67000 Lives - Mass Sterilisation Drive


Stella Meldau will be celebrating her birthday in March. Her goal is forever and always to change and save the lives of animals - ALL OVER.

Woodrock proudly aligns itself and support many like-minded Animal Shelters. We are running this fantastic initiative together with Four other incredible rescue shelters:

  • CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)

We are very blessed to have TALES OF TAILS as our Sterilisation GURU VETS conducting the actual procedures.

Most domestic cats have life spans from 12 to 15 years. With an average of 5 kittens per litter and four sets of litter a year, a cat can give birth to up to 300 kittens in its lifetime. A dog can have three litters a year, with seven puppies per litter. That equates to 126 puppies in 6 years.

A single female dog and her babies can have over 67,000 puppies in six years. That is over 11,000 dogs that need safe, cruelty-free homes per year. It is impossible to find that many homes. That is why we must sterilise these animals before they can breed.

We aim to sterilise 500 animals during March.

We will be rewarding every Animal going in for surgery with a food bag. Every family will receive a small hamper (Mielie Meal/Beans/Soup).

On the note of giving out dog/cat food bags and a small hamper, we will need to ask for drop off donations over February.

Kindly donate generously:

Small Bag of Mielie Meal, One Tin of Beans, Packet of Soup, A Bag of Dog or Cat Food

Take-a-Lot does deliver to PLOT 51, R511, HENNOPS RIVER VALLEY. You may drop off at our farm- Possibly do an office drive- is always a great idea, or a birthday fundraiser. 

Please consider making a generous monthly donation to the Woodrock Animal Rescue as it needs ongoing funds to neuter as many animals as possible.

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