No under 18s

Nipple Caps & G-Strings

Sat Apr 2, 19:00 - Sat Apr 2, 21:00

Centurion Theatre


Nipple Caps and G-Strings is a combination of the best of the trilogy of Whore, Nipple Caps & G-Strings and Academy of Love. All three of these shows were created by Deon Opperman and performed by Gigi at various festivals and venues around the country.

Audiences meet the character Natasja, who after graduating from University and becoming a lecturer, then became a stripper. Audiences are given insights into what really goes on in strip-clubs - and what goes on in the mind of the stripper. It also explores desire, in both men and women, and how do the myriad forms of love, relationships, and marriage and sex fit into all of this? The show features a live lap dance demonstration on a male audience member (most volunteer quite happily) and has been the source of much mirth and resultant audience entertainment

Not to leave out any of the female members of the audiences, Gigi encourages a few of them up onto stage (all completely voluntary) for them to try their hand at various forms of erotic dancing (all fully clothed) to really give the men in their lives a serious alternative to a regular night in front of the telly. The show asks the question - is sexy an attitude? 

Nipple Caps & G-Strings is a sexy, humorous, sometimes serious but extremely relevant show that has been enjoyed by both male and female audiences alike. It is presented in an extremely tasteful and charming way, a show that every couple must see together. In fact the show has historically played to audiences that have been 50/50 percent split between male and female, the majority of them couples.

The show premiered at the Aardklop festival in Potchefstroom in 2003 where it was sold out before it opened. Extra seats had to be brought in and security was employed at the doors to control the crowds who took a chance at getting tickets at the door. Since then this sensational show has toured to all the major festivals, and has played in many towns across the country and has been seen by over 20 000 + people.


Nipple Caps & G-Strings
Centurion Theatre
123 Amkor Rd, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, 0157
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