INSTOPP Mentorship Programme - Private Practice

Fri Feb 18, 08:00 - Fri Nov 4, 09:00


Join INSTOPP for an interactive mentorship session on Private Practice.


We often need assistance or guidance from others who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in private practice. While books and training can be helpful on their own, getting answers to specific questions can even be more helpful and encouraging. INSTOPP brings you mentorship sessions where seasoned mentor OTs meet with mentee OTs to give guidance, share expertise and boost morale. The private practice sessions are hosted and facilitated by Haneke Jonas and Gerbre van Heerden, with special guests throughout the year. 

For INSTOPP members, the series of 9 sessions are FREE of charge. Non-members can purchase the series of 9 sessions, or per single session depending on your interest.

Please note: Do not select the member discount option if you are not a fully paid INSTOPP member! This will result in you missing out on the amazing course/workshop/webinar INSTOPP is offering.


All sessions run on a Friday from 08h00 – 09h00. The format is 15 minutes topic discussion by the presenter and 45 minutes Q&A.


18 February: Record-keeping - Herculene van Staden

18 March: Marketing considerations - Haneke Jonas

22 April: Coding principles for private practice - Elsie Labuschagne

20 May: Outcome Measures - Mariaan Wiltshire

24 June: Employment of staff & Locums - Mariaan Wiltshire

5 August: Self Care - Gerbre v Heerden

12 Aug: Handling difficult clients - Haneke Jonas

2 September: Buying and Selling a practice - Haneke Jonas

30 September: Handling difficult clients - Haneke Jonas

4 November: Coding and COID - Herculene van Staden


Both Haneke and Gebre have been working in private practice for many years, starting and managing a practice, dealing with forensic reviews, and managing employees. The experience and wisdom gained in their day-to-day practices are invaluable. They will be the hosts and facilitators of sessions, alongside other private practice owners, to provide various views and experiences to mentees. 

Haneke Jonas

Qualification(s): Occupational Therapist

Position / title: Occupational Therapist


Gerbre van Heerden 

Qualification(s): Occupational Therapist

Position / title: Occupational Therapist

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